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Why Dell is Successful in Online Business without any near Competitor?

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Interesting Webinar by Amit Tyagi with loads on information about online marketing strategies adopted by Dell that made them successful in online space. In fact, customers also appreciate quick and easy access to products as they require lots of information before making any purchase.

In case, you missed attending this Webinar, below is the complete recording along with the questions that were discussed during the session.

Q. Dell is a multinational organization with possibly millions of dollars to invest in its social marketing strategies. What about small start-ups and how can they create impeccable results through social marketing without much investment?

A. To this question Amit answered that every organization decides its social marketing strategies according to their budgets. If you search online, you can quite easily find strategies that do not require much investment, but generate impeccable results. Although, Dell might have invested a handsome amount while promoting their products or services, but at the same time there are also various methods through which desired results can be generated and that too without much investment.

Q. Internally in Dell other than the proprietary tool, are there any other standard tools that were used by them for their promotion?

A. Dell is also continuously enhancing their in-house team when it comes to analytics particularly for social media. In fact, at many stages, they even outsource a set of services to other companies. In all, for small organizations or start-ups always remember that whatever way you can measure your analytics or social promotion results, use those techniques impeccably as if you would be able to measure, you would also be able to manage your campaigns.

Q.  Dell has invested a huge amount on Facebook and in fact created various Facebook pages for their social promotion. However, it has been noticed that they are not very active on this platform. So what are their current strategies with regards to Facebook?

A. Here, Amit answered that Dell is actively involved in Twitter and other social networks, but at present they are using Facebook more for listening rather than using it for creating an engagement with their audience. Therefore, Facebook is one of the platforms that they are engaged in, but only partially.


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