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Why do you have to respond on social media?

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Social media has fast become the place of interaction for brands with their users. Users frequently check-in at a place they visit like a restaurant or a famous brand store. Most importantly people take reviews of friends on social networks about a particular brand. This becomes the ideal place to see the interactions and conversations surrounding the brand either on the brand page or in general interactions. Responding to these interactions is hence very important to make yourself visible in the social space and let the people know that you are listening, accepting critical feedback and acknowledging what people have to say about you. This is why it becomes really important for you to reply to interactions on social media channels and not avoid them.
Here are few reasons why should you respond on social media:
1. To increase your credibility
No matter what industry you are in, it is crucial to build your reputation. To build your brand credibility, you must respond to customer inquiries and address their grievances promptly. People will trust you and will be more comfortable in doing business with your company if it has a proven track record. Harness social media to build trust with your audience by connecting with them and responding to their feedback in real time.

2. Customer expectations
With high volume of contact, social media service has become nearly axiomatic. Customers want to be heard. An upset customer or un-addressed customer complaint can lead to customer attrition. Consumers, especially the younger generations take it to the social networks when they have an issue with a company and expect companies to respond within 60 minutes.
Is your company ready to meet those expectations?

3. Shows you care
When you interact with unsatisfied customers and offer a solution to their problem, it shows that you are listening and you care about them. Also, customers feel appreciated when you reward them with deals and gifts for posting positive reviews and comments and promoting your brand name.
Social media is a great platform to promote the exchange of ideas. For the customers who have bad experiences, use social customer service to help them see the positives in your business.

4. Turn haters into lovers
One of the most important reasons to respond on social media is to change the perception of the reviewer from negative to positive. Respond to negative posts with helpful and polite feedback. It has a great potential to change the opinions of people.
So, hit the response button on your social channels. Comment, re-tweet and engage with your customers.

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