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Why do your marketing plans suck?

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We all fail, fall and get up, learn from our mistakes and take the best actions to get the most out of our experience. This is not just with our personal lives but also concerned with the decisions that we take at work, and if you are a marketing professional you would know what I’m talking about.

There are times when no matter how hard you try to push your marketing strategies your goals would never meet. Let’s try tracking why your Marketing goals suck:

1.) Measurable: Every marketing goal however big or small must have a quantitative and qualitative definition. It should be easily traceable and the impact that marketing goal is having on the business must be measurable in all ways possible and definitely measurable in monetary terms.

2.) Scalable: In case a marketing goal was set-up with a short term goal in mind, it should be set up in a way that it can be scaled up for longer time periods. The replicability of the marketing goal also defines how flexible it is to accommodate on coming diversions.

3.) In-Sync with Marketing Strategies: It is very important that marketing goals and marketing strategies are well in sync with each other. If marketing strategies are pointing to something entirely different, then the marketing goals are bound to fail. Identify business’ goals, values and mission to line up your marketing goals with your marketing strategies.

4.) Execution: A well-lit road to the destination is very necessary. Similarly a well-defined execution plan is necessary to attain the marketing goal. This involves complete road map of delegation of authority and step by step map defining roles of each person on the team.

5.) Attainable: Marketing goals should be always be created by completely inspecting the current and speculating the future market conditions. They should be attainable and free flukes in the air should be avoided. Each goal should be based on facts and not judgments.

6.) Monitoring: Goals never stay on track, they keep de- aligning themselves. It is, hence, necessary to continuously monitor the goals and take corrective actions to bring them back on track.

Even the best of marketing strategies don’t mean anything if you are not going to implement them. 2014 is definitely going to be better that 2013 only if you have a well thought out plan in place to execute. It is time to fix the mistakes you have made in the past and improve along the way.

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