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Why It’s Crucial To Be All Ears On Social Engagement

Why It’s Crucial To Be All Ears On Social Engagement

Enthusiasts, dabblers and lurkers. Do you know the difference? And more importantly, do you understand why some of your customers are behaving in this way? In the world of social media metrics, it’s a game-changer and something you simply can’t afford to ignore.

Recently it’s been revealed that companies that rely on social media analytics are only actually listening to a small percentage of their customers – not the overall big picture they might have imagined.

Defining behaviour

Firstly, let’s understand what those terms really mean so you can gain a broader understanding of your customer. Then you’ll be able to link the idea that your best followers might not necessarily become your best shoppers.

After all, you can get all the ‘likes’ under the social sun, but if no one is actually picking up the phone, checking out online or purchasing in-store, are those just empty votes of confidence?

Enthusiasts – Vocal social media users who post 5 times a week or more.

Likely to be actively participating in social media conversations and also likely to be eager shoppers.Eager of mobile devices and likely to use comparison sites while shopping in-store.Also most likely to share opinions of products/services with friends and family. Social media metrics will pick up this kind of activity easily.

Dabblers – Casual social media users who post 2-4 times a week.

Although less likely to post on Facebook, they make up 20% of the audience (though what you hear will only be 10%) so still need to be listened to, although social media metrics are likely to miss them out because of their spontaneous posts.

Lurkers – Near-silent social media users who post once a week if that.

Tend to be more reluctant shoppers, less likely to be spurred on to make a purchase because of social media. Less likely to share opinions or ask advice about products/services from friends/family and similarly, far less likely to share opinions online. Again, social media metrics sees this crowd as an almost invisible group which again, needs addressing if you’re keen to listen to everyone (which of course, you should).

So now that you’re up-to-speed with the definitions, let’s look at how you can use this information in a productive way. Firstly, you need to contextualise what you’re hearing on social media with all the other channels of customer insight you can get your hands on – transactional data, customer feedback, click tracking and actual conversations you have with your customers.

It’s when all these pieces come together that the real customer puzzle is solved and companies can begin to build a true representation of their audience. Remember, the smart marketer doesn’t ever just rely on one metric, but takes into consideration the connecting interactions between many different factors.

Can MSE solve your social engagement dilemma?

Of course, we all know that intending to do these things and actually putting them into practice are two different things. You’re more likely to invest if it’s easy and doesn’t take too much away from your other daily duties.

If you had a program which extended from purely listening to customers to actually helping you proactively engage with them through a simple, user-friendly interface, wouldn’t it all seem so much more appealing?

CRM systems have adapted to include this technology not because it’s a fad but because it’s needed. Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle, even the smaller CRMs are getting in on the act, acquiring specialist businesses and rapidly rolling it out into their offering. I mean really quickly.

One of the greatest benefits of MSE is the accessibility to all departments though. Sales, marketing and services teams can all keep an eye on the social sphere while interacting with each other and customers. Thus, helping to create and maintain old and new relationships and strengthen your reputation.

From Instagram to Vine, wherever your customers hang out, you need to hone in. Whether they’re enthusiasts, dabblers or lurkers, they all deserve the same attention. Because at the end of the day, whatever their social media classification, each of them is still a prospective customer with potential to make a purchase. And that’s what business is all about.

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