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Why Mobile Search Engine Optimisation Is A Must?

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Mobile Search Engine Optimisation

In this ever-growing technology world, mobile has become an important part of one’s life. The main reason behind its importance is because it is handy to use and it is present whenever required. People these days prefer searching and shopping more using mobile phones and its important for any business is to pay attention to their mobile search engine optimisation.

Mobile SEO is rightly said to be the process of ensuring that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device. It is now necessary to become mobile-optimised rather than just being

Importance Of Mobile Search Optimisation

Desktop is increasingly shifting towards mobile and it is therefore important for every company to adapt themselves totally into Mobile SEO.

Not only use of smartphones are increasing but shopping through smartphones are also started increasing which means by 2017 there will be major transformation in use of mobile phones.

Company should have the knowledge of fitting the desktop sites and designs into mobile screen. People these days prefer mobile phones to search any answer for their query and therefore it is must for a company to deliver them the requirements without delaying much which also says that the page speed should be fast and also the information’s should be worth reading for their customers.

If you are still not sure whether your site is mobile friendly or not then you can check it by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Google itself penalizes the site if it is not mobile-friendly by giving them less visibility in search results when browsers are using mobile devices. According to Search Engine Watch, if the page load timing is slow it can hurt your ranking.

Why Its Important To Have A Good Ranking

Mobile phones have shifted focus from desktop towards mobile. This means whenever people are out for some work and if they are in a need of good restaurants then they will search for one using their mobile device. In fact, it is said that mobile users want to acquire results immediately. They want to find what they’re looking for immediately.

This means that even if you are good to obtain new customers but if your website doesn’t cooperate then you may lose new customers which in turn will affect your rankings and this could be the cause of new customers not being able to find you in the first place.

Optimizing your website is a key part of mobile marketing. You can go through 5 Essential Tips For Building A Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy to improve your Mobile Marketing.

Seven Ways To Win In Mobile Search

  1. Understand–  The first and the most important thing is to know your customers and their requirements. It’s imporatant to see what they prefer while using mobile device and what they prefer while using the desktop device. Look what your customers prefer while searching in mobile and work accordingly to improve your Mobile SEO.
  2. Target– Using this information create your site in such a way that can easily help to target customers and their needs. This may include adding company details, work hours, products delivered etc. They can even make available the click to call buttons so that customers can get in touch with the brand easily.
  3. Create– It is necessary to create such contents and post such images which will be attractive and consumers will show interest directly after looking over the site. Try to put more information’s in your site which your consumers are looking for so that it will make them easy to understand and contact. Don’t ignore the SEO factors while making your site ready which also includes page load time which should be not more than 3 seconds.
  4. Engage– It is very important to engage with your consumers by providing them with all the needs and that also includes that the content you post must be relatable and consumer friendly. If you succeed in engaging with your customers then there are high chances of more customers visiting your site.
  5. Convert– When you try to engage your customers make sure that you convert these customers to buy those products which they are looking into or they come and visit your company after having a look over your site.
  6. Monitor– Your work doesn’t end over here. It is your duty to often look at your site for any changes and if the customers are decreasing then what may be the reason behind it should all be observed.
  7. Measure– The last thing to consider is measure what differences are taking place. There are high chances of people having a look over your mobile site and then end up purchasing from stores or desktop. It is a must to interact with customers and measure their needs and requirements.


The use of mobile phones have increased so much that it can be seen by 2017 there will be more new features and convenience while using this device for daily purpose. It is a must for a company to look over their mobile sites as buying and paying these days are all done through mobile and due to demonetization it shows how important mobile plays while paying online.

If a brand wants to remain competitive and improve their visibility it is the right time to work on your Mobile SEO factors.

Image credits: mydigitalmarketingblog

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