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Why should you re design your website?

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Property and land prices are ever increasing and will continue to rise, causing brick and mortar models to fade. Internet on the other hand, with its virtually endless space is flourishing. A website thus becomes the most strategic investment a business makes and just like renovation of brick and mortar business, remodelling of a website is equally important. A website is not just a primary marketing tool for a business; it is a window to the customers for your business, and with ever changing technology it makes all the more sense to re design a website periodically.
Here are some good reasons why:
1. An out-dated website
Web technologies have become something like the hour hand of the clock. The pace at which developments take place in the field of web designing is exponential.
New upgraded versions of various tools embedded on your website improves its functionality and helps convert visitors to customers.
Since your website is the foundational element of your marketing strategy, a redesign becomes extremely crucial to stay current and catch up the pace of change.

2. Improve usability of your site
Usability is critical for the performance of your website and should never be neglected. A user friendly design makes it easier for visitors to quickly find information they are looking for. Well organised and presented information on the site is vital for good usability. Improve readability of body text by using a decent font size- not too small or too large. Keep the navigation links short and specific. Drop down menu or sub-navigation is more effective on sites that have many pages.
One of the main reasons why website visitors navigate away to a competitor’s site is that your website takes a lot of time to load. Make sure your website loads within 4-6 seconds. Also use smaller size images that take lesser time to download.

3. Mobile friendly website
With the introduction of smart phones, mobile handsets have become smarter, faster and snappier. More and more people are surfing the web from their mobile devices, which is why building a mobile friendly website and generating leads via mobile marketing makes sense. Updating your website with the latest version and using large menu buttons for easy navigation are some ways for mobile optimisation. If your website isn’t responsive yet, you are at a risk of losing a number of potential customers.
You website makes the first impression of your business on the potential customers. Take advantage of these few methods to make your site more effective and profitable. Refreshing your website with smart content, up-to-date and easy to use design will keep your customers and prospects happy and improve your chances of success online.

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