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Why The 1st Position In A Google Search Really Matter?

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Is it really important to appear at the top of a Google search? A BIG Yes! Forget about the enormous difference in Google traffic between the first and second page for a Google phrase or keyword, the difference in Google traffic between the first and second search on the first Google search page is also huge. Let us see how and why:-

1)      33% of the Google organic search clicks go to the top search result – According to the report form Chitika, top result of a Google search fetches 33% of the traffic to that particular page. The traffic drastically drops to just 6% as we move from the 1st search result position to the 5th search position. We can also notice that there is a significant drop between the 10th and 11th search which clearly suggests that there is a significant difference in the Google traffic between the last position of the first page and the first position of the second page too.



2)      Sites present on the first Google page search results attract 91.5% of the total traffic – The sites present on the first page after searching for a particular keyword or phrase garner nearly 92% of all traffic from the average search. Thus, there is a 95% reduction in traffic as we move from the first page to the second page. As we approach page 4, the traffic is reduced to as low as just 1%, which may be quite insignificant from a business perspective.



3)      Click through rate for the top search result is highest at 18.2% – According to a study conducted by Slingshot, the click through rate for a website which appears as the top Google search is 18% as compared to 10% for the second Google search. The CTR then steeply declines to just 1% for the last Google search result on the first page.



Since CTR is a very effective metric to measure the PPC campaign efficiency, the above results rightly suggest why top search results matter a lot to optimize the marketing budget of businesses too.

4)      Ads at the top of the page perform far better than the ads in any other area of the page – According to a report by Compete’s research, though just 24% of the ads appear at the top of a SERP yet it contributes to 85% of the clicks. The ads on the right account for 61% of the total ads while contributing to just 13% of the total clicks. Within the right side ad section, the top search gets 4% of total clicks while the last one gets 3%. The bottom most part of ads receive 15% of the total ads while accounting for only 2% of the clicks. Hence, marketers need to keep this fact in mind to expect the right ROI over their marketing spend and justify it as well.



The above insights clearly indicate the importance of Search Engine Marketing for a business. An effective SEO can hand over a competitive advantage to a business where all other sources of gaining competitive advantage fail.


Over the past years, Search Engine Optimization has made a remarkable position in the Digital Marketing landscape and proved its worth by delivering the desired results in the form of higher rank in the SERP. To get an in-depth understanding of Search Engine Optimization, join our Search Engine Optimization Course.


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      Smita Pawar   /  

      Visitors to a particular site say google, yahoo or bing, only make use of the information on the first page of the search engine results. Therefore, ranking the highest amongst other websites is a challenge. This article should be read to know the importance of ranking on top of a search result page to increase traffic and business revenue.