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Why To Trust Google+ Hangouts As Your Business Ally

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Why To Trust Google+ Hangouts As Your Business AllyThe Google+ Hangout, a popular video chat and social media channel, has some uniqueness the way this network engages with audience. The technology used in Google+ enables us to use its interface and gain maximum out of the connections inside of the platform. Here we can connect  with customers using this face-to-face video conferencing, giving more personal touch to our conversation.

Many smart business owners have been successfully tapping the power of video for many years and share their product information online. Google+ Hangouts can be effectively used to build brands, improve customer support quality, increase profitability by reducing cost, train staffs & business associates and many more of such applications.

Let us look at what way Google+ Hangouts can be a trusted as our business ally.

Google+ Hangout feature is a video chat room, where Google+ users can participate in live and spontaneous video chats. We can choose with whom we want to Hangouts with. We can Hangout with our circles, friends or open to public where anyone can join us, provided they have a webcam, a microphone and a Google+ account.

How is it going to work?

First of all, we need to sign up for a free Gmail account, if we do not have one already. Then, go to site and log in there using Gmail log in details. Once logged in, we can create our profile and set up our channel there. That is where all our recorded Hangouts will be uploaded.  We need to activate Google+ account first and we can access Google+ Hangouts from Google+ dashboard. We can invite someone selectively or an entire circle or public. That is all, we can familiarize with this system very quickly. Google Hangout is surely the way to market our products and services. Here are few things that we must check for an effective hangout session:

  • Before starting the hangouts, make a list of people that we want to invite. Add these people in a circle and then invite that circle. Members of added circles will be included in our Hangouts, automatically.
  • To add documents to hangout, share the same in Google Docs before starting the hangout.

Why To Trust Google+ Hangouts As Your Business Ally

Google+ Hangouts are internally connected with its own video channel, YouTube which makes the broadcasting to larger section of audience possible with least difficulty. We can actually record and edit the session on YouTube itself based on our requirements before broadcasting to public and this way we can gain much better exposure to our customized Hangouts.

Google Hangout is all about marketing. Benefits of using Google Hangouts are many and we are going to list out some of them here. There are many ways we can integrate Google+ Hangouts into online marketing activities and it varies depending on the type of industry and the kind of business we do.

First of all, Google Hangout is simple, easy to use and completely free, so it costs nothing to use. It is easy to understand how Google+ Hangout works. If we do one hangout, we will automatically learn how to use it, it is that simple!

Another important point is that Google Hangout allows screen recording for free. It means, we do not need any expensive screen capture software to broadcast our idea.

The third point is one of the major advantages of using Google+ Hangout over other video recording software. Hangouts can be used for longer period.  There is no time limit restriction for recording on Google Plus Hangout whereas most of the screen recording software allow recording only for few seconds for free and beyond that limit, it is a paid service. In Google Hangout, we can record up to 8 hours and it is more of unlimited. Whether you want to record it for one hour, two hours or more, it is not an issue with Google Hangouts and that is the beauty of this product!

As mentioned in the beginning, Google+ Hangouts is perfectly interfaced with other Google products, including YouTube. Whenever our recording is ready, Google Hangout will automatically upload that to our YouTube channel; so we need not take the trouble of saving it in our local computer and uploading to YouTube or any other channel. It is possible because Google owns Google + Hangouts and YouTube and for the same reason Google search engine favours the uploaded recording on their channel when it comes to search engine listing and ranking. Hangouts On Air recording facility provides economically feasible solution for business to publish their video show.

Google+ Hangout is very user friendly. We can use it even when we are on the move. We can use it anywhere, at any time such as at hotels, waiting lounge or even when we travel because it requires no additional equipments other than a laptop with in built webcam. It is unlimited and free! Business leaders and country heads largely use Google Hangouts platform to address people regularly. Barrack Obama, as the president of the United States, use Google Hangout to address the nation and to host a question and answer forum. Likewise, many other leaders too use this platform on regular basis to broadcast message to their followers. Google+ Hangout is an excellent tool as it is easy for us to get our downward team on a platform and have discussion with them at no cost!

We can use Google+ Hangout sessions to set up a question & answer session with customers. This way, we come to know about what customers feel about our products and services. This method will give more accurate results than a conventional way of getting information through surveys. This channel is also used for book launches and to organize book review sessions as well. Google+ Hangout platform can be used for offering computer technical support service and trouble shooting of computer issues by using screen sharing option.

Companies, especially the smaller sized, use Google+ Hangouts for managing their recruitment activities that include conducting online interviews. Hiring employees in conventional manner can be an expensive process for such smaller companies and Google+ Hangouts is a better solution in that case. We can conduct initial interview with employees in Hangouts. There is no need to take any effort to bring applicants and interviewing team to the same room and that saves our precious time. We can use the same session to discuss about the applicant’s performance with other interview panel members as well. This way we can minimize the cost involved in hiring process to a larger extend by using this wonderful tool effectively.

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