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Why You Should Use Live Streaming For Your Business – Infographic

Why You Should Use Live Streaming For Your Business – Infographic

It used to be, if businesses wanted to communicate directly with their customers, they’d have to hop on a phone call, visit them in person, wait for them to stop by a store, or hold an event. While effective, each of these communication methods lacked something, be it timeliness or planning or something else.

And then came technology, in which immediate communication (and feedback) became not only possible, but expected. A few characters, a few words, a photo: Today’s savvy customers expect all of that. And one of the cool new things that they expect, and that holds lots of potential benefits for your business, is live streaming video.

Live streaming video isn’t complex or even very expensive; in fact, many live streaming videos, even by large businesses, are done courtesy of a mobile device. What’s the benefit for your company, and your customers, and how do you use live streaming? This infographic can help.


Jonha Richman is a marketing strategist with over 9 years of experience advising tech startups. She’s also a staff writer at Small Business Trends and her works were featured on The Huffington Post, Fast Company, Business Insider, among others

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