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Know Why Users Switch To Mobile From Desktop Searches

Know Why Users Switch To Mobile From Desktop Searches

Welcome to the digital world! What’s new today? – Well, It’s a time to reveal the fact, why you & me, we all are shifting towards mobile searches rather than desktop?…Let’s Step forward to uncover the mystery….

According to a survey, mobile represents 65% of digital media time, while desktop becomes just a secondary option for rapidly increasing digital users. According to a fresh research, around 60% of the internet access is mostly through mobile.

Also, 84 percent of smart phone and tablet owners say, they use their gadgets as second-screens at the time of watching TV or doing any other activity. The word “second screening” is dominated by texting, social networking and social activity. In some countries, mobile phones are used to conduct most types of internet activities except only shopping, which includes travel, banking and for all other purchases.

Those days are gone when internet surfers used to search only from desktop devices. The current report also says that people are going online primarily via mobile and roughly dividing their internet surfing time equally between the desktop and mobile. The crowd that goes online through desktop is now a small minority.

According to a research, there are 11% users who search through the desktop. And on the other side, 37% geeks go through mobile. 28% users split between both desktop as well as mobile. And, 23% only search through mobile. Got my point? A large number of users prefer the searches through mobile. But why? The reason is crystal clear; today peeps are using their mobile phones to browse the web. So, be ready to take a deep sink into this digital world….

The reason behind epic shifting is, somehow, people largely appreciate the trend of using mobile app. Mobile app comes with attractive, easy-to-use features which are proven to be a game-changer in the digital market. For demo, you can go through the Kodematix site and also ask for services for your mobile app development. Let’s come back to the point.

Has desktop lost the value?

The desktop has lost 12 percentage points since 2013 and also has subsided to 35% of digital time spent. Well, no one can say that desktop is out of the trending market. As most e-commerce transactions are still running on the PC.

However, so many marketers and brands are still treating their desktop as the most important area of focus, which is way out of alignment with customer behaviour. So, it’s not the truth that desktop has lost its value but somehow, mobile takes over the crown.

Moreover, according to the data of December 2015, mobile audiences for top-listed digital properties have beaten the desktop audience.

As the fact from December 2015, the actual figure of smartphone penetration is 79%, but among 18 to 34 year old groups, the figure is about 93%. One of the most interesting findings in the report concerns the way that so many traditional newspapers and magazine publishers have been able to tap mobile audience for growth. Many of the media properties are showing the strong growth on the basis of mobile usage.

There are top three digital properties such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo. But the interesting fact is, there are large number of mobile-only kind audiences for Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo and rest others. Same way, Google has a large number of multi-platform audience. Google also has two of the top five domains of desktop and half of the 10 mobile apps.

Finally, as per the expectations, the data shows that vast amount of data categories are now seeing a majority of traffic that comes from mobile devices. Few portals such as, Yahoo, AOL, MSN are still getting most of their traffic from the PC. But every other category now sees more traffic from mobile devices.

This finding is important for retail which needs to invest more thoughts, efforts and resources into mobile and in return the smartphone into the hub and center source of the shopping experience.

What Does Google Say On this?   

You’ll find it an unbelievable announcement, Google has revealed that more searches are performed on mobile devices than on desktops. Also, Google has mentioned in a blog, “more & more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in so many countries including US and Japan.”

Google also groups tablets with desktops so when it says mobile devices, it is referring entirely to mobile phones. When you think about it, you’ll feel it is totally realistic on thinking that more searches occur from mobile devices than from the PC. People always have their mobile phones with them and there are variety of apps and services which have Google search built in from the starting.

The report offers a generally positive assessment of mobile advertising and its current influence or impact. Brands, agencies and marketers need to devote a great deal more time to mobile ad creative than they are today if they need to realize the actual potential.

However, here are few key questions that will help you in sorting the comparison between mobile and desktop….

1. Time Spent Using Mobile Data

According to latest data, mobile digital usage is higher than desktop. The implications are clear that if you are not able to reach your audience through a mobile display or search then you are not supposed to provide a satisfactory mobile experience to the users. The mobile usage trend compared to all screen use again shows that all the users are well past the tipping point.

2. Percentage of Consumers Using Mobile Devices

It shows that the popularity of mobile phone or smartphone ownership and emerging mobile devices as an example smart watches. The research shows the majority of consumers are multi-screening and accessing retail sites on desktop or mobile, so consistent experiences across various devices is needed to be deployed.

3. How many Website Visits are on Mobile vs Desktop Devices?

You have to be careful with interpreting data on hours spent, since you spend most of your time on mobile phones checking email and using social media. The actual reality is that while smartphone use is popular for so many activities like social media, messaging or searching news or gossips, most of the consumers in Western markets also have desktop devices which they tend to use for more detailed review and purchasing. 

4. Mobile App vs Mobile Site Usage?

If you are creating a business case for mobile optimized sites as you have seen in most of the mobile marketing strategies. The data shows that smart phones add-to-cart and conversion rates are much lower than for desktop-important if you are making the business case for a mobile responsive site.

5. How Important are Mobile Ads

Mobile app VS Mobile sites should be thought as a part of the mobile strategy. Mobile apps which account for 89% of media time in mobile might be expecting from the most popular social network, news apps and email.

Few factors that will make you believe your smartphone is a better PC than your PC ever was or will be…

Smartphones do their duties better than desktop

How? Let’s see…

1. It is Always with you

Smartphones are easy to carry wherever you go and whatever you are going through. It’s an easy & flexible way to hang out anywhere with the magical gadget (it’s a smartphone where you’ll find all the information). However, most of us don’t have the physical endurance to lift a laptop wherever we go.

And even if someone does, then to pull it out whenever you want to check your mail, is a real pain sometimes.

2. It Knows Where you Are

At the moment when you pull out your smartphone for use, it quickly identifies where you are and uses that part of the information to inform everything it does for you.

3. It’s a great Communicator

Communication is one of the most personal things that most of the gadget-lovers do. And, surprisingly, your smart-phones do it well for you. It offers you voice, pictures, video, media and medium in a way your PC never has.

4. It listens to you

Mostly, smartphones come with some form of voice recognition. Currently, Android phones are at the top that allow you to use your voice to fill in any text input on your device, navigate to any place, search the internet or play music. These all can’t be done on your desktop. Just try once.

5. They Are More Personal

There are much more benefits over PC that can make a space so that mobile phones are ruling over the digital world. Mobile phones are coming with you wherever you go. It remains connected to the internet. It recognizes your voice and reacts according to your voice. It doesn’t just spellcheck but also can correct your typos.

Final Thought

Hope, you find this post useful. This post is an effort to let you know why most of the users prefer using mobile phones for surfing the internet rather than using PC. Yet, PC’s are not totally out of the market. Still, there is some crowd that uses PC for the internet or for completing any other tasks.

But, it is the fact that the crown is now on the head of smartphones. People largely appreciate all the facilities that smartphones provide. So, enjoy the new experiences. Be smart!   

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