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Why To Choose A Career In Social Media?

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There was a time when work and passion were two different things. However, with the growth in digital and electronic world and change in business practices, that demarcation line is getting blurred and new careers are emerging.

Emergence of social media brought with it an unprecedented amount of opportunity for online marketers. This new realm provides unparalleled potential for reaching new customers, strengthening relationships with existing ones and expanding the presence of any online brand. Companies demand talented professionals who can navigate the social arena and properly market their services in a whole new way.

The beauty of social media marketing resides in its ability to foster personal connections between companies and their customers at little to no cost. This budget-friendly element is just one reason why so many high profile companies are opening social media positions in their marketing teams. Successful social media campaigns bring companies closer to their customers and give them valuable insight regarding what their preferences and opinions are. There is also the benefit of communicating company news faster while providing customized offers to loyal brand followers. Social media marketing campaigns may include branded Facebook pages, company Twitter feeds, blogs and customer networking groups, to name just a few.

Now if we talk about the careers in Social Media, there are a diverse range of opportunities as social media strategists, content planners and community managers. Its power, as a tool to influence people’s opinion, is felt like never before. Therefore, a growing number of companies are hiring social media experts whose job is to build their online reputation and offer a platform for instant feedback from consumers. Moreover, if you look at the opportunities and growth in this platform; it’s just unthinkable with vast learning and experiences. In fact according to an article published on Mashable, Social Media positions are popping up everywhere in all types of organizations, from The New York Times, to Pizza Hut and even in the White House. Businesses of all types are identifying the need to stay connected with their communities because they recognize the benefits.

While these young employees are happy being always available on Facebook, posting updates on the company’s news, and tweeting and re-tweeting information, their job also entails reviewing traffic volume, bounce rates and other relevant metrics, developing social media components for new campaigns, helping with blogger outreach and creating long-term solutions for client. It might also seem interesting to build your career in the same platform where you send countless hours of your day. However, achieving the same can be a challenge.

Stay Informed Of Trends, Tools And News

For any career choice, training, experience and knowledge are all considered to be quite important. Since Social Media is a new industry, there are not any standards decided on what kinds of trainings you should pursue and which tools you should be utilizing to measure success. Moreover, since the landscape also changes quite quickly, it is very important that you are constantly learning. If you search online, you can also find some cost-effective, job guaranteed courses by some of the reputed training organizations in the industry, which can train and plan your career impeccably. This would help you in building your career with some of the knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the industry. In fact industry awareness and a passion for learning new things keeps aspiring you to be on the top of the game.


Whether your career in social media is just beginning to take shape or you are an established expert in the industry, there are various organizations that will match your skills and ambitions to opportunities that fit your personal experience and professional goals.

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