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WHYTO execute these three key elements in your content?

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Your business requires some help, fast. Your site isn’t getting the desired traffic. You are not able to convert the existing traffic to sales. The tactics, on which you depended, aren’t really working well. And the lousy economy means that you won’t be able to give up in disgust and just keep a day job.

Although, you are willing to build your own village of loyal customers, but you can’t simply seem to capture their attention. When you are successful in grabbing their attention, you don’t get the sales that you needed.

“Traditional Marketing talks at people. Content Marketing talks with them” – Doug Kessler

Therefore, here it is important for you to know what kind of works can be implemented to search customers and persuade them to buy. The answer to this question is content marketing. However, you’ll also have to broaden your approach from ‘content is king’ idea in order to work efficiently in a tricky environment. It is essential to focus on the below mentioned three key elements that can help to make content marketing actually work for you.

Give your readers a cookie!

One of the smartest ways to train a puppy is by giving him a cookie along with a nice pat on his back, every time he follows your instructions impeccably. Enough cookies and enough pats on the head and he starts to think that sitting on command was his idea. He likes you, he trusts you, and he sits when you say sit because it’s in his best interest to do that.

Your content is also required to work in a similar fashion. Writing high quality content simply trains your readers to open your content every time it is published on your site. Moreover, it even rewards them for doing what you want them to do. This means that it is important for you to create a kind of content that is useful and solve all the queries that rest in the reader’s mind.

Any kind of content that your reader receives from you should make them feel good. When you start following this consistently, your content becomes a habit for your readers. Whenever, they will see your post in their inbox or a link of the post on Twitter, they know that clicking on the link would give them something helpful and hence their click frequency increases.


Position yourself for success!

As mentioned earlier, every bit of content needs to be a tasty cookie that rewards your audience for consuming it. But, how can you really attract your audience to come and find you. Here, the requirement increases, as now you will need something bigger and more exciting than a cookie. Here, you need a birthday cake!

Summing it up in a better manner, every piece of content should be created in a manner that feels special and also tastes good. In addition to all such requirements, your content should also show your potential audience that you hold complete knowledge of what you are writing on and also that you can solve a worthwhile problem. Or else, they might just enjoy scarfing down your content, but they would also not bother coming back again for any more content. Special reports, whitepapers, manifestos and viral videos can also make an excellent birthday cake.

It is also important to take interest and desire for what you have to offer, but don’t talk too much on how you are exactly going to solve all your audience’s problems and make their lives wonderful. And yes, ofcourse, you’ll also have to decide on how will your birthday cake reach your audience? Therefore, you will have to be remarkable enough to share all your content. Make sure that you bookmark, retweet and email friends about it. You can just keep working on it or partner with a content expert who can create something exceptional for you.


Converting attention to customers

Good bloggers are usually fantastic at capturing attention of the audience, but sometimes we have a tough time in understanding, what to do with it. Here the answer is to keep delivering some compelling messages to the new audience, either by using a blog or an email autoresponder or in some cases, both of them.

This is where you start utilising your content marketing fundamentals and then start creating a commercial relationship. Although, you might be using excellent quality content and entertaining your customers more than selling, but at the same time, you will also have to implement certain techniques to create an audience of buyer, not just fans.

Once you are ready to take an order, send your loyal fans to a well crafted landing page that does the most explicit selling with a killer offer and immediate call to action. I have already discussed in the previous blog some tips to create a compelling landing page WHYTO create a compelling landing page

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