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WHYTO consider these factors while creating a YouTube video?

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The main motive of creating YouTube videos is to increase channel views and subscribers. However, despite of creating informational videos, organizations fail in utilizing this platform in an impeccable manner.

Therefore, today in this blog post, we will discuss various YouTube marketing strategies that can help you to enhance your YouTube marketing experience.

The first and foremost strategy would be create videos that match with your audience search results. It is very important to create videos that is relevant to what your ideal customers had been searching for. These videos can be simple tutorials or recording of any of your past events.

Remember, when you use videos strategically, YouTube will help you to generate leads out of the same.

Use Trailer videos

There are many people that might not be aware about this particular YouTube feature, which is YouTube Trailer Video. This particular feature allows you to feature a video at the top of your channel when a non-subscriber visits your page.

This space can be leveraged to tell your users about your organization and the products and services that you deal in. Moreover, you can also provide them insights on the kind of content they can expect from your channel.

You can create a trailer video in a particular format, starting with an introduction about your company, followed by the benefits that they will receive by subscribing to this channel and lastly a ‘call to action’ which motivates them to subscribe to your channel.

Share stats to showcase your Strengths

People love stats and this is one of the feature that motivates them to share your videos among their friends and colleagues.

You can create small videos that showcase stats about your industry along with information on how these stats can impact the viewer’s business. However, at the same time it is important to ensure that you collect meaningful and reliable stats that would also interest the audience.

Overall, collect eye opening figures that pushes your viewers to share the video within their networks.

Use Google Search to answer questions

Whenever, people want to search about a certain topic, they usually take help from Google to fetch results. Therefore, here you can claim your Google authorship and then connect your Google+ profile with your YouTube channel and use short and informative videos to deliver those answers. This will make you a Q&A resource in a short time duration.

This is one of the interesting ideas, which is rarely used by any organization. Sharing your knowledge with people about simple things that they search on Google related to your industry can help you to build a reputation among your audience.

The one main element that every video needs is a ‘call to action’

However, it is important to ensure that you do not fill your videos with CTAs, which can certainly disappoint your audience. Make sure that you provide a value and communicate clear call to actions which motivates your viewers to subscribe to your channel and you will see results in no time.

If you have any other video marketing ideas, share your strategies with us in the comment section.


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