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WHYTO create quality context for website/blog?

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When you think about your marketing funnel, what methods do you usually think of applying to optimize it? Although, many of you might have never even considered of applying any strategies, but a lot of you work in order to minimize the number of breaks in your marketing chain.



Preferably, you should be working out to carry information as well as context about your leads through different stages of your funnel. This can be done by minimizing breaks in your marketing chain (putting your data to use in as many possible methods) and strengthening the impact of your marketing.  In this post, we will walk you through the methods that can be applied to individual marketing channels in order to help you more effectively move leads further down the funnel.

Modern Marketing – Context and Content

The implications of implying context to your content are quite huge. Your marketing results simply improve when you deliver more relevant messages to your prospects based on what you already know about them. This way your campaigns are supercharged when you can actually deliver the same message across every medium that your prospect sees.

Additionally, you can even have a great impact on your sale’s team performance. Similar to a snowball that grows as it rolls down the hill, you can also accumulate more and more data about your leads with every marketing touch point as they move through your funnel. And when you think it is the right time for your sales team to reach out, the data can now be transformative to their processes.


Website/Blog Content and Calls-to-Action

Context that can be applied

  • Show targeted Calls-to-Action (CTAs) – You might be aware of the fact that every website should have prominent CTAs on each page in order to encourage users, convert them into leads and further motivate the leads to take the next step. But are those calls-to-action targeted in a way that they can show your leads an offer that they have never seen before? It is important to use dynamic and smart CTAs to show the right kind of content to right users.

  • Show targeted images – In some of the cases, it might even make sense to modify the images that a potential customer sees on your landing page or website. For instance, if you are selling your product or service to different categories of people; a contractor and an architect and from his/her history of downloads and page views, you identify the contractor as the lead; it would be better to show images that they can better identify with.


Context that you can gain

  • Behavioral Data – As and when prospects move through your website, you usually start collecting web analytics data on their interactions with your site. However, at the same time it is also important to understand, when the prospects finally do turn into a lead, can their history of page views and important events be applied to their record in your CRM and marketing databases?
  • Lead Intelligence – First time when a lead comes to your website, it is important to consider how they got there and are also whether you are tracking the channel or campaign that first bought them to your website.  Additionally, if they came to from a search engine, it is important to recognize the keyword that bought them to your website. This can give you an important context on their interests and also their intentions.


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