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WHYTO drive more traffic to your Blog Posts?

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The main goal of every professional blogger is to get more and more people to read, engage and share the content with others. Encouraging them to do so can widely increase your business visibility and further bring in potential leads and sales. There are many organizations that are engaged in creating interesting and informative blogs, but do not receive any results from the same. In fact most of the organizations are not engaged in creating any strategies or tricks that can help them to attract traffic.

In this post, we will discuss some simple and useful techniques that can help you to increase your blog traffic by a significant number.

Create interesting Blog titles – The title of the blog is the most important factor to increase the open rate of your blog. Since, it is also the first thing that a user sees, creating a good title can viewers’ attention. In fact promoting with the same title on social networks can bring in more traffic to the website.

Create a small introductory video – There are many people that would prefer to get a small introductory video about the post that can help them to get an overview about the content. These videos can easily be created on Vine and promoted within different social channels along with the blog to get maximum reach. Moreover, since Vine is owned by Twitter, you video will automatically be displayed when you tweet about it using specific hashtags.

SlideShare overview of the post – If you are not aware, SlideShare has monthly visitors of more than 51.6 million people. Moreover, it is one such thriving community that can get more traffic to your website than any other social networking site. Therefore, when you create a blog post, you can create a overview of the post in the form of presentations and upload it on SlideShare.

Create content rich in links and keywords – From SEO point of view, it is important to incorporate keywords that can drive traffic to your website. Including keywords can be one way, but at the same time also ensure that you do not overboard your content with keywords.

Using Social Media – As shared previously, social media can be crucial for driving traffic to your website once it is published. For instance, if you are targeting a LinkedIn group, you can actually reach to specific number of members and also find their social media profiles. Moreover, you can also find them on twitter and check which hashtags are used by them the most. However, at the same time it is important to ensure that you that you integrate those in your tweet about a new blog post that you are doing.

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