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WHYTO drive more traffic to your Blogs?

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Are you struggling to catch the attention of more readers?

You write an amazing piece of content with a catchy headline to grab more attention to your post. Additionally, you also share the link on Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ and wait for your post to be read by maximum number of people. Except it doesn’t


In this post, you will find some fresh ideas to get your post noticed among large number of people.

1. Promote your post among a wider variety of platforms – Nowadays, everyone is making use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ to promote their content among their audience. It is quite tempting to focus only on these four networks because they have popularity and community numbers on their side.

However, you have a competitive advantage of sharing your content with smaller or less-known networks. These sites usually have active, focused audiences and offer less competition for attention, which makes your content stand out. Some examples of these kind of networks are:

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  • Quora – Q&A based website which was founded by two former Facebook employees. What makes Quora really unique is that all the content is created, edited and organized by its user community. Moreover, the user base tends to be more business and academic oriented.
  • Tumblr – This is a micro-blogging site that recently made headlines when Yahoo acquired it. Its user base tends to be consisting of younger audience that makes it perfect to share niche-based content.
  • Empire Avenue – Partially used as a social network and partially as a social media marketing tool, Empire Avenue uses gamification to enable users to broadcast content across all of the other social networks. The primary members of Empire Avenue are small businesses, social media professionals and bloggers.

2. Grab viewers interest with different types of Media – Sharing a link to your post doesn’t give users enough reasons to click on it. You need to give your readers a compelling reason to click your link.

Therefore, it is important to promote your posts with images, audio and video. Some simple and best ways to do the same are:

  • Create a small preview of your post with Vine – A Vine video can prove to be a great method to give a small preview about your blog post content. Further, you can also share this introduction video on Facebook and Twitter along with your post. Since Vine is owned by Twitter, your video will automatically be displayed when you tweet about it with a link and Hashtags.
  • Create a SlideShare overview about your post – SlideShare is considered to be more than a content sharing platform. With monthly visitors of 51.6 million, SlideShare is considered to be a thriving community with five times much traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Pin your post to a Pinterest Group Board – We all are aware that Pinterest allows you to pin on individual boards and collaborate by pinning to contributor boards. The benefit of pinning to a contributor board is that your fellow followers can see the pin and so their followers. The more members a group board has, the more number of people will see your pin. Some simple tips that you can use to make your post popular are:

    Choose an interesting image from your blog post to pin, make sure that the title of your post is visible on the image that you choose, Add keywords to the description and use Hashtag if at all they are relevant.

3. Get Creative when promoting your blog post – Apart from these methods mentioned above; there are many more creative ways that can be used to promote your blog post. Don’t be afraid to apply new methods, which you think can generate results.


Just because no one else is doing it, doesn’t mean that it is not a good idea. Some tactics will resonate with your users and some will not. The important thing is to keep innovating.

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