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WHYTO improve your Google+ engagement?

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Are we aware of the fact that Google+ is not just a social network? Google+ is a part of a social platform that integrates quite appropriately with key capabilities such as Google docs, Chat, hangouts, emails and a lot more. This is one of the reasons that Google+ is a high value opportunity worth investing time and resources to cultivate. However, there is a common misconception that Google+ is a ghost town. But in reality, it is a home to vibrant active communities that foster deep engagement. The trick is learning how you can find and take advantages of these communities to build a long lasting relationship with core audiences.

Some of the effective strategies that can be implemented in order to take your engagement on Google+ to a whole new level are:

1. Make your Google+ Page Findable – In order to ensure that your Google+ Page is easily findable, it is important to add a Google+ Badge to your website. The best part here is that you can add a Google+ Badge for your personal as well as business accounts.

The main advantage of a Google+ Badge is that it makes it quite easy for the visitors to find and engage with you in one simple click of mouse.

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2. Network strategically with Circles – Curation is not just for content; it is an important tool for organizing your relationships on Google+. Circles are an effective way to manage different interest groups and home in on the communities and conversations that matter to you. For example, you can quite easily create circles around themes such as Content Marketing, Food, Fly Fishing, Social Media Experts and a lot more. In fact, you can also use keyword searches to identify relevant people or pages or even posts to add to your circle.

Using circles is considered to be a great technique for building new relationships and also for keeping current relationships warm. Strategically, curating your circles make it easier to target and stay connected with the right set of people.

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For example, it is important for you to follow and engage with thought leaders in the social media space. Therefore, in such as a case, you can create a social media circle that makes it easier for you to drop in on those people and participate in their Google+ activities without doing a regular search or shifting through your regular feed to find their content.

3. Be proactive with engagement – The conversation starts with you and merely posting or sharing content is not just sufficient if you are looking forward to build deep engagement with your community.

It’s equally, if not more, important to interact by commenting on other people’s post, asking questions and adding your opinions to existing conversations.

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A few hands-on tips to boost engagement are:

  • Always end your post with a question to spark discussions.
  • Respond to user’s questions or comments and ask follow up questions to continue to drive the discussion.
  • Develop repeatable campaigns that are easy for users to participate in and contribute to. Utilize a unique Hashtag dedicated to a campaign and stay consistent with a certain style.
  • You can also use +mentions whenever it is possible to engage people and invite them for conversations.
  • Create high quality content that is useful for your audience.

4. Join Communities and Hangouts – Google+ communities and hangouts are considered to be the best medium to connect with your audience. These are some of the newly launched features of Google+ that helps you to stay connected with your community and further arrange some online conferences and seminars.

If we talk about Google+ communities, there are around 50,000 of them with different interests. Overall, there is something for everyone. Once you have joined a community, make sure that you participate regularly and share valuable content to fuel engagement.

Google+ 4

Google hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA) offer businesses an opportunity to enhance engagement with users and customers through live, real time multimedia interactions. These unique functionalities further give businesses an important advantage that makes it easier for them to open direct lines of communication with customers and further build brand loyalty.

Google+ HOA are live streamed videos with interactive participation – basically a stellar tool to engage and cultivate key audiences. In fact HOA has been successfully leveraged by businesses education and even politics. The best part is that HOA are automatically recorded and can be posted to YouTube with a link back to your blog for a nice SEO boost.

Incorporating these key strategies can simply help you build long lasting relationships with your core audiences and further boost your engagement on Google+.


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