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WHYTO include e-newsletters in your email marketing strategy?

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Newsletters have become a highly effective way to target your customers in order to encourage both repeat and new businesses. Once you have designed the template of your newsletters, you can send as many branded newsletters as you like to hundreds or even thousands of recipients at a very little cost. You can send these letters to all your customers and also everyone whom you meet at the networking/industry events and everyone who requests a copy through your website. Although, they can be an effective ingredient in your digital marketing strategy, but at the same time it is essential to use this ingredient in an appropriate manner. While sending newsletters, make sure that you have the permission first.

Benefits if newsletters

  1. Nurturing client relationships
  2. Drive traffic to your website
  3. Build thought leadership
  4. Cost effective
  5. Fully measurable

We all are quite aware of the fact that content is king, which is also quite true in case of newsletters. It should be seen as just another element of your overall campaign and not merely as an isolated object. Ensure that it is created in a manner that it effectively interacts with other e-marketing drives, possibly by featuring highlights from your blogs and website. These techniques would not only make your newsletters interesting, but will also drive in good traffic to your website and reminding your target customer base about who you are and what do you do.

Keep you newsletters away from following the traditional format, which included editor’s notes, company news and special offer announcements.  They certainly have a role to play in the newsletter, but it is important to support them with strong Call to Action. These CTAs can either direct them to your website or probably an area where they can enroll for a particular program with additional discounts.

All these are the generic instructions that should be included in a newsletter. But what is that one thing, which sets a newsletter apart? The answer is in its aims. Newsletter’s value is an encouraging repeat and long term custom by providing a non-intrusive reminder of your brand to those who have previously expressed an interest. They are not quick fix marketing opportunities, but are excellent tools in an ongoing digital marketing strategy. Therefore, you should view your newsletters as a long term investment, sent out on a regular basis to familiarize your customers and contacts with your brand and its values.

How you can make your newsletters stand out?

As mentioned earlier that content is one of the most important aspects of a newsletter, but they are various other features through which you can make them catchy and attractive.

Humor can be a great attention grabber, but when used in a correct manner. You can create a personal tone that speaks individually to the customers rather than leaving them to wade their way through business-speak and jargons. Short anecdotes that illustrate your point have a similar effect. These tactics can create individuality and tend to stick to your user’s mind long after your newsletter has been buried under the weight of new emails in your customer inbox.

If you are planning to illustrate your newsletter then use strong images, which can clearly sum up the content. Since people tend to look at visuals before the content, make sure that the image you include in your newsletter speaks everything about the content. Additionally, a striking visual will also be instantly absorbed by your client, encouraging them to delve deeper into your e-newsletters and read the accompanying text.

These simple yet important highlights that have been mentioned above can be hooked to your newsletters quite easily and from there it’s just a short click to your company’s website.

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