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WHYTO incorporate video content in your online marketing strategies?

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The recent updates of Google Penguin and Panda has made a lot of SEOs realize that ranking a website in a long run is not an easy task and cannot be just fulfilled by building a large number of links. It is important to understand that one should create high quality content, which attracts links naturally over time.

However, there is still a type of content that is underutilized and can reap a whole lot of benefits. Online videos have occupied an untouched space in the world of SEO and nowadays there are a lot of brands that are incorporating video content in their online marketing strategies as they have realized the importance of incorporating videos. Most of the SEOs do not place a high priority towards videos and usually opt for creating various other type of content such as images, infographics and written content, which do not generate similar results.

If used in an appropriate manner, videos can be an extremely powerful form of content and make a significant contribution towards your overall SEO strategy in innumerable ways.

Centralizing your objectives

Although, the idea of including videos can compliment online marketing strategy and also produce a return on investment, but at the same time, it is also important to understand that if you fail to define your goals in the initial stages, you would simply end up exhausting all your money, which could have been spent better elsewhere.

What are your goals?

If you think from an SEO point of view, there are basically two main goals that you should focus on – generate social shares and increase conversions

  • Generate social shares – If done in an impeccable manner, a video can simply generate a large number of links for a website. However, here the problem is that there is already a large number of video content available and unless you create an exceptional video and have a great outreach or marketing plan, its success is going to be limited.  Nowadays, people just don’t like or share any old rubbish and in order to achieve the success that you had been looking for, it is important to think about the video content and generate it according to the users with whom you are willing to share the content. It is essential to understand your audience requirements and generate video content accordingly. Your video should be created in a manner that it is capable or evoking a strong emotional reaction and then provoking people to simple share, tweet or write a blog post on the same.

Let me explain it to you in a better manner

Here is an example of a company that manufactures food blenders. Do you expect a company to be involved in a business of food blender manufacture to create one of the most viral video campaigns in social media space? Approximately, 200 million views were generated for all the videos. In my opinion it is one of the most creative examples in the social media history so far.

Video content has been enormously responsible here for successfully attracting a substantial number of inbound links and social shares for the website in question. Therefore, this essentially proves that when used in the correct manner, videos can provide a huge boost to your SEO campaign.

  • Increase conversions – Many SEO companies might disagree with this, but I believe that the job of SEO is not only to increase ranking, but at the same time also increase online revenue and sales for the client. It is certainly a two-part process, but at the same time – attracting more visitors and optimizing the website in a manner that more of those visitors convert into paying clients. Video content can simply be fantastic for increasing conversions. Nowadays, most of the brands have also started using videos on their landing page and various other pages of their website, which can keep the visitors, engaged and ultimately convince them to make a purchase.

As mentioned earlier, there are two methods through which you can increase the rate of conversions.

Video on Landing Page

When a visitor reaches your landing page, you literally have very less amount of time in order to impress him and during these seconds, it is also important to engage him in your product or service. However, nowadays, people have become so keen to seeing rich media content on the internet that, quite frankly, text content often doesn’t keep them engaged. However, embedding a video on your landing page will increase the length of the time that visitors usually stick around to. Here is an example of how 42inception creates their landing page in order to gather the interest as well as the attention of the audience.


Product Videos

Product videos are the most common way through which providers can increase their conversion rates. In fact, nowadays hundreds and thousands of providers are making appropriate use of product videos, which makes the users fell more confident about making a purchase. Most of the organizations have seen a drastic increase between 6% and 30% after including product videos.


Rich Snippet

Increasing the video conversion rate not just depends upon what you are showing your users once they land on your website, but also what you show your visitors even before they get there. You might have noticed a recent change in Google search results. There has been a significant increase in use of rich snippets and in particular video rich snippets. This is what video rich snippets look like in the Search Engine’s Result Page.


To put it in simple language, video rich snippets basically help you stand out from the other search results in a particular page, which will make your searchers more inclined to click your result, which would further increase traffic. At the same time, it is also important to ensure that the thumbnail you are using, sums up what the video is all about, if you are willing to maximize your conversions.

Overall, the popularity of online videos creates an immense opportunity for SEOs that are willing to get creative in order to achieve the desired results. Creating videos is not always cheap, but also not very expensive as people believe it will be. If you have commissioned and marketed infographics before, you can definitely afford to create a video that would further generate a good ROI for your client.


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