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WHYTO increase engagement on your LinkedIn Company Page

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Businesses are finding that their LinkedIn company page is an effective way to nurture leads and increase sales. In fact, LinkedIn found that 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

What accounts for this behavior? LinkedIn’s research suggests it comes down to mindset. When people visit LinkedIn, they’re in a professional mindset. They actively seek insights and content that can help them to be better professionals. And content from companies is wanted and expected. LinkedIn members are eager to hear from companies about new products and services, industry news, and career opportunities. So it’s in your best interest to build your company’s presence on LinkedIn — and update the page regularly.

A LinkedIn Company Page is your company’s home on LinkedIn. Your Company Page should be a compelling reflection of your organization, so start by considering what you want visitors to learn, think, and feel when they land on your page.

In addition to understanding the importance of boosting engagement on your LinkedIn company page, it is also important to understand different methods through which you can boost this engagement. Some of them are:

1.       Use LinkedIn groups to find engaging content for company followers – In addition to learning what your competitors are doing on LinkedIn, it is also important to spend some time in those groups where your target market is engaging the most. This will help you to understand their interest. Additionally, analyzing all these discussions will also help you in discovering the ideas for your posts on company page.

Additionally, you can also search for specific topics in the groups that can help you to define discussions that are getting maximum engagements. In order to achieve the same, you can simply go to a group where your target market is active and click on the search tab. This will pop up a box on the left side where you can search for posts by topics. Create a log of what type of topics, challenges and questions are


2.       Post status updates more frequently – Recent studies on LinkedIn reveals that morning hours is the best time to for businesses to engage followers. Additionally, it is also necessary to schedule your posts for throughout the day that can help you to increase posts engagement as well as visibility with those logging in the later part of the day.



There is also a tool by the name of HootSuite that can automate LinkedIn posts when you are not able to do them manually. This can further help you to schedule your post for weekends or late night hours or usually when you cannot work on your LinkedIn company account. If you can devote some more time, create a spreadsheet with headers, log days, times, post impression counts and engagement stats. This will help you in figuring out what days and times are giving you the maximum reach along with those topics that are creating maximum engagements.


3.       Add pictures, links, contests and questions – Images can create a huge impact on your posts and can make them ‘pop out’ in the stream. This can certainly help you get more eyeballs and engagement on your status updates.

In fact interesting links with status updates can help you in pulling hundreds of clicks to a URL that you are promoting. Leverage this opportunity to drive more traffic to the posts that you have created for target market.

In addition to the images and URLs, you can also use contests to bring in more followers. Many a times, interesting contests that drive-in more people to participate, which further brings more traffic. Using such targeting features of LinkedIn can simply help you to craft specific updates for select audience.

 4.       Promoting your LinkedIn company page badge on your Website – A simple way through which you can increase engagement on your LinkedIn company page is through promoting it on your website and also email signature line. This will further help in easy communication to your fans and potential clients about your LinkedIn company page, which helps you in establishing credibility and bringing in more followers.

There are various organizations that add their LinkedIn product reviews on their homepage. This can not only bring more leads, but also more followers.


 5.       Use LinkedIn recommendation ads – These advertisements can help you to promote your products and services to your target market. These ad campaigns can help you in increasing engagement on your company page by bringing more traffic and also product recommendations. Anytime when someone recommends your product, it is automatically shared with that person’s followers, which bring even more traffic and also followers.




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