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WHYTO know the Future of Mobile Marketing?

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The dominance and ubiquity of smartphones has brought in a new phrase ‘Mobile Marketing.’ Along with traditional and digital marketing channels, businesses have also started leveraging mobile marketing to promote their products and services.

Today in this post, we will discuss the importance of mobile marketing and why is it still a challenge for brands, agencies and search engines themselves.

It has been found that more than half of people in India are using smartphones and almost a quarter of activities are coming from mobile devices. Mobile is not just a device to communicate with people, but as a source of communication through which people connect on social media and email. Moreover, with this growing age of technology, the importance of mobile marketing has drastically increased and brings with it a new future in terms of marketing.

Businesses have already started leveraging this source of marketing. Therefore, make sure that you do not wait for next week or month to start thinking about it. It is essential for you that you begin from today.

Although mobile devices have come a long way, but there are lot more advancements to come. You never know what is more awaiting for you in future with all your marketing needs being associated with mobile. Moreover, the advantage of smartphones connecting with internet making a lot many tasks easier and this advancement will continue in future.

It has been found that 50% of email subscribers of different organizations are surfing their emails on mobile phones. This indicates the importance of making your website and emails mobile friendly. Further, this research also determines the importance of mobile marketing and the benefits that it holds for your business. Possibilities are simply endless and all you need is creative ideas and source to implement them.

We can all gauge the importance of social media and the change that it is bringing in the lives of people. For any complaints and queries, people are leveraging this medium to the fullest. One in five customers are using social media to post their queries and complains. This number is expected to rise in future and customer service through social media will become essential for every business.

Over 64% of mobile searches convert to real business within hours. This is one of the greatest opportunity for mobile marketing and also for businesses that are looking for new customers.

Prepare your business for the mobile future!

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