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WHYTO leverage email marketing in a social world?

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With the rise in social media, there are various organizations that are simply minimizing the usage of email marketing as a channel. This is quite infuriating because social media can’t exist without email being aware of the fact that email drives social media engagement through notifications.  You can’t sign up for a social account without an email account. But, what about the less obvious functions of email in relation to social media. Here are 5 easy ways email marketing influences you and your company’s social behavior:

1. Informs about movement within your social network

The basic role of email in context with social media is to engage and promote. Social networking by definition is basically used to connect and share. The symbiosis between these 2 channels leads to increased engagement for both the channels. For example, if any of your connection in LinkedIn receives a promotion or publishes a new blog, depending upon your email preferences, you may get an email notification. Email both engages and promotes you based on events within your network and thereby is quite relevant.

2. Updates you when people are talking about you

Social media can be quite overwhelming and time consuming. Email notifications can update you on important events especially those pertaining to you specifically. For example, if we talk about picture tags, if someone else apart from us uploads a picture and tags us in Facebook, you certainly want to know about that person. Again, an email notification gives you a heads up without having to live on Facebook waiting for someone to upload an embarrassing image.

3. Promotes your social presence to your email list and vice versa

You might already have a list of subscribers that have willingly handed over their email addresses hoping that you will send them information about your organization on a regular basis. If you are an ecommerce company, you would likely have a list of customer email addresses that is used for confirmation or other transactional messaging. Chances are that some of the people behind those email addresses aren’t following you on your social accounts. Make sure that you use email to create awareness among people about your social networking channels. You can also add a subscribe functionality to your Facebook Page and then promote your newsletter sign up page on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

4. Enriches data about your subscriber or customer lists through social connect

From an email standpoint, one of the most appealing features of social networks is the data. As email marketers, we are always trying to learn more about our subscribers in an effort to message them effectively. This can be a long, slow process of asking information and analyzing behavioral data. Social networks through social connect give us the ability to learn more about our subscribers quickly and therefore send relevant customized messages.

5. Announces an event or contest on social media

Social media naturally lends itself to a more interactive experience in many cases. Often contests are more effective when they are “live” on a social site. However, you still need to get people there. Using email marketing to promote, amplify and reminding about an event can be effective for creating a crowd and further building momentum over time.

Each of these touch points is an opportunity to engage, inform and even sell. You will continue to learn more information about your subscribers through their behaviors interacting with your email content and can use that data to create more relevant messaging. With email, you can:

  • Target audiences
  • Serve Dynamic Content
  • Ultimately drive revenue, leads or visits

In the end, it is also important to realize that both Social Media and Email Marketing have their roles and strengths in email marketing. When the end user is put at the center of our campaigns, we simply begin to realize that use of one channel makes the other stronger.

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