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WHYTO make the right selection of videos for your website?

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Appearances matter a lot on the website and there is a huge difference between seeing static images or product descriptions and watching videos which can give you an overview of the business in a better and interesting manner.

Videos on your website can play an important role in conversions and if you are not paying attention to this segment of your website, you might be losing an easy opportunity to convert your visitors into paying customers.

Here some businesses might be thinking that they are already leveraging this opportunity. However, it is also important for you to understand methods through which you can persuade your visitors to watch those videos. Today, in this post we will discuss methods through which you can use your videos in the right manner, which can further help you in conversion.

Show your product in your video

Static images are not as appealing as videos. Many a times visitors want to know how a product will feel and look when they actually have it with them. When you show the usage of product in a video, it can give your customers a better idea on how the product can satiate their needs. This can further alleviate the anxiety concern for many visitors and increase conversions.

Create videos that explain the benefits of your product

Using videos to show the benefits and features of your product can act like a sales executive in action. Since such kind of videos are promotional in nature, it might be possible that many people might lose interest while watching them.

Therefore, if you want your visitors to view the entire video till the end, you have to ensure that your script distinguishes how better your product is as compared to others in the industry. However, here it is important to be tasteful and avoid annoying sentences.

Creating Instructional videos

Such kind of videos can be extremely helpful for technically complicated products. In these videos you can explain the usage of the product along with some troubleshoots. The less confused your visitors are, the lesser they will wander to other sites for information.

Slide Share videos

If you do not have enough budgets to create videos for your website, you can also make use of slide share to create videos. These type of videos involve recording a narrator’s introduction and explanations in a studio and then combining them with existing slideshow marketing material and photos.

No matter what kind of videos you want to great, but a great script can help you in converting your visitors to leads.

Where should you add these videos?

This is one of the most important questions that might also be popping up on readers mind. There are many businesses that prefer adding videos on their product page. Although this page can help in better conversions, but you can also opt adding videos on your home page or landing page to estimate their conversion potential. For example, Crazy Egg added an animated video on their homepage, which helped increase their income by $21,000 per month.

Moreover, video testimonials can be another great dimension to explore, which can help in increasing the conversion rate of your website.

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