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WHYTO opt for SMS Marketing?

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With the growing usage and penetration of mobile phones, SMS or short messaging service has become an impactful marketing medium. In fact, if you look at the statistics below, you will understand the importance of incorporating this marketing medium in your business.

It has been found that approx. 98% of text messages are read with the average response time of just 90 seconds

In addition to this statistics mentioned above, it has also been found that most of the people prefer to receive offers and discounts from companies via SMS than mails or newspaper coupons. SMS coupons are more likely to be redeemed by people in comparison to any other communication. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that only 5% of people opt out from SMS marketing campaigns.

These stats might be making you wonder than how SMS can be a part of your marketing campaigns. In this post today, we will get to learn some interesting SMS marketing strategies and tips.

  1. Give your audience easily redeemable options – People prefer SMS updates from organizations only if they get interesting and easily available options. For example, a restaurant located nearby a customer’s address gives an option of free wine with meal for two. This is a favorable option which is interesting and easily redeemed at a nearby restaurant with a small coupon code.
  2. Give a reason to opt for your subscriber’s list – Since communicating through SMS is just a matter of seconds, it can be a good medium to increase your subscriber base. This can be done by giving your customers an opportunity to avail discounts just by sending a few keywords on a specific mobile number. For example you can set up a keyword and advertise it at all possible options such as website and print adverts. This will allow your customers to opt-in to your mailing list and also forward this opportunity to their friends, which will help you to increase your database.
  3. Organizing events – Nowadays, since most of the organizations are digitally active, a lot of them are involved in organizing online webinars for their audience. Usually, we think that sending reminder mails can bring in a good participation. But if you ask of yourself, in real how many people do open your emails? On the other hand, if you send a SMS instead, chances are that your message would be read by maximum number of people, which can help you in increasing participation and further your database. In fact, if your webinar is another hour away to be attended, send your audience, reminder emails while introducing an opportunity.

While sending these messages, it is also important to ensure that your customers are willing to receive these messages or else it can do more harm than profit to your business. Although, SMS marketing guarantees delivery to the pocket of your target, but at the same time any unwanted message can be viewed as an invasion of privacy.

Therefore, in order to avoid any such hassles and minimize the danger, it is important to let your customers opt-in to your mailing list by informing them that they will be receiving exclusive discounts and offers through SMS. The entire process of opt-in should be transparent. Once you understand and respect the preference of your database, your one-to-one relationship will flourish.

At the same time, while sending any message to your marketers, it is also important that you give them an option to opt-out from this list. Although, this might hurt your pride, but doing so will ensure that you are not hurting your reputation in the industry.


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