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WHYTO optimize your Facebook Page?

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Nowadays, almost all the organizations have adopted digital marketing, showing less attention to traditional marketing methods, which is considered to be expensive and time taking. However, if you are selling online, if would be insane to leave out Facebook as one of the media to reach out to your potential buyers.

Therefore, if you had not been paying much attention to your Facebook Page, it’s time to optimize it as this page can help you drive more and more traffic to your website.

Today in this post, we will discuss some strategies that you can apply to your Facebook page to generate profitable results out of the same.

Design informative cover and profile image

Cover or profile image is the first thing that your visitors see when they land on your Facebook Page. Therefore, it is very important that you design these two images with a good understanding of what your audience will like when they visit your page. Some of the main benefits of creating an informative cover page are:

  • Builds your brand
  • Influence fans and friends
  • Engage with existing customers
  • Reach new audience

In fact, you can also add your company URL on your FB cover image, which encourages visitors to also check your website. Overall, your FB cover image should precisely convey to your Facebook users what the brand is all about.

Featured Photos

Any photo that you upload on your company page, becomes a featured photo feed in which a set of 5 images keep rotating when a visitor lands your page. There are various companies that are utilizing this space for branding. But, since you have to account for pictures changing order whenever the page is refreshed, you might have to come up with branding imagery, which remains consistent no matter in whichever order it is viewed.

Since every image that you upload go on the strip, therefore the only way to remove these images is manually delete them from the strip as and when you see them appear. However, you do not have to worry as this process will not remove the photos from the album, but only from the top of your profile.

By simply optimizing the images on strip and selecting the ones which give close-up views of your product or services will give you a new opportunity to engage your visiting users.

Left-Side Links Panel

In addition to the images strip, every Facebook page also has a panel of links on the left side navigation, which when clicked opens the application in Tab view.

Every fan page comes with 3 default applications – info, wall and photos of which only photos is removable and wall and info are mandatory to maintain a page.

Therefore, you can install as many applications that you want to your page of which most of them would be third party applications. Since users can see only 8 applications at a time, it is important to display the most important tabs above the fold.

Rolling Feedback

When you log in your page as an administrator, Facebook displays feedbacks on every post that you create. This makes it easy for you understand the trends of interaction on your page. Further, it also makes it easier for you to assess how you are doing over the time. However, these feedbacks can be viewed only after certain hours of your post.

These feedbacks will help you understand about the kind of posts that create greater engagement and visits to your page.


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