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WHYTO understand the benefits of conversion tracking?

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Keeping a track of the level of social media can be a costly affair for startups and small organizations and hence they are left to use free or low cost platforms that offer little more than click tracking data option. Since this is all that you have, you can quite appropriately use you data to manage and develop you ongoing social media strategies.

We all are aware that the world loves free insightful data, tips and suggestions. Thus when you are creating such kind of content, you are sharing helpful content on which people would also prefer to click. However, there are many marketers that mistake this click for ‘need’ when often it is simply an indicator of interest.

Now let’s understand this concept through an example. Let’s say that you post a lot of B2B digital sales content and marketing strategies on which you also receive a good number of clicks. Now if you receive a lot of these clicks from a specific LinkedIn group that is associated with B2B sales and marketing, you start devoting more time to these groups than merely posting your content and increase your content volume. At the same time, there are also chances that you might be ignoring clicks from other platforms such as Facebook. Therefore, you also dial down the time that you spend there to focus more attention on those LinkedIn members.

Ultimately, you are in a big problem. You are really not aware whether your social media activity is converting into leads, subscriptions and downloads or if you are just helping educate a lot of people that will never even seem to do business with you.

Turning Links into Leads

Here comes the role of conversion tracking. Google Analytics is not good enough to track the traffic to your website and you need to define the high quality from the low quality traffic. The only way to do this is through tracking your conversions.

For every social media post that you create (including subscription to a newsletters or downloading a white paper) you need to track your conversion and click rates that were generated. In order to do the same, you can use a social media management tool or tracking platform, which will help you produce customized links for each social post that you create and then track traffic from all those links till conversions.

Benefits of Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking cannot be called an accurate way of reporting social media ROI. It is just a better way through which you can develop a social media plan of attack. Nowadays, the single biggest challenge with marketers is ‘lack of time’

Therefore, if you are just tracking your clicks, you will be spending a lot of time producing and sharing content with window shoppers rather than developing truly valuable relationships with true prospects.

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