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WHYTO understand the importance of different types of testimonials?

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Testimonials are a powerful tool to enhance your product promotion. When a person is in a situation where he does not know how to behave, he looks at the behaviour of others to get cues regarding the correct behaviour. A formal word-of-mouth by current customers can be used by the business to their advantage to build trust with prospective customers. People believe more on what others have to say about your products or services than you.

No matter how well designed or attractive your website is or the amount of facts and figures it displays, potential customers still lay more emphasis on the honest reviews of the crowd.

Great testimonials can go a long way in building up customer confidence, but on the other hand, fake reviews or opinion spam can leave your sales flat besides destructing your business’ reputation.

We have learned that testimonials are influential. Now let us see what to do to make the most of your testimonials.

  1.  Testimonials that give specifics

    A great testimonial is the one which provides specific details about the product or service. Consider these two testimonials for a medicated soap-

    “Your soap is fabulous. My skin is now healed by using it. Thanks a lot! “
    This is an example of an average testimonial as it does not provide any facts to support its claim.

    “I have suffered from a nail fungus for many years. I tried several medicines but none of them helped. Recently I came across your website and decided to try your Oatmeal soap. Surprisingly, your soaps worked where medicines I had been taking for so many years did not! This is an absolutely wonderful product. Thank you so much. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer.”

    This is an example of a great testimonial because it tells the potentials clients the values offered by your products and services. They tell us why the product is famous and being loved and how will the customers relate to the company.

  2.  Feature Photographs

    In order to enhance the credibility and to make testimonials more pertinent, business’ can include full names, location and photographs of the reviewer who is passing his opinions on your products. These help in proving that the testimonials are real and go a long way in enhancing the persuasiveness of honest and valuable reviews.

    So, if u want buyers to take a note of the praise received from customers, add a picture of the customer next to their testimonial.

  3. Long vs. Short testimonials

    Some people like to keep their reviews short and to the point while some like to mention every possible detail. It is not the length of the testimonial that describes its effectiveness in catching the attention of prospective buyer, but the way in which the story of a satisfied customer is presented. Even if in paragraphs, it could be used a success story.

    Peer pressure does not end with high school and continues even in the business world. For the one who knows how to use it right, it becomes an effective tool to boost sales, enhance business standing and build repeat customers.


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