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WHYTO understand the important of SEO Copywriting?

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In the past few years, SEO has changed so much and with regular updates from Google, what worked for your organization a few years back might have destroyed your rankings today. There are many people that ignore SEO Copywriting, however the fact is that Search is still the biggest game in town.

If you search various reports and surveys, you will find that search still remains the top activities on the internet as it had been for decades. After email, search is considered to be the most common activity. In other words, compared with most of the internet traffic, searchers are the most motivated people that hit your site.

If searchers have been searching for various products or services, there are good chances that they are also looking to buy it. Moreover, if they are searching for information, which is provided by your website, you get a great opportunity of converting that traffic to a long term subscriber.

As long as it is targeted search traffic, it is clearly important for your website.

Writing great content is not only the key to get your work noticed, unless it ranks well and promoted on social media, it is a mere waste of time. That’s where the role of social media comes in. Blogging, social news sites, twitter and Facebook are organic content distribution systems powered by your audience.

Traffic should convert

Every organization implements different social media strategy simply because they want more and more traffic to their website. Unfortunately, there are too many people that assume that SEO indicates trying to trick the search engines. However, SEO is related to creating a site, which is also friendly to them.

Look out for our upcoming blogs to learn about the kind of content that should be created in order to make your website rank well in search engines.

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