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Why to use SlideShare for lead generation?

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You all might be aware that SlideShare is the one of the largest content sharing community in the world for business professionals. Sources reveal that it helps in generating 5 times more traffic from business owners than various other social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Moreover, it gets approximately 60 million visitors a month, out of which 3 billion of them view the slides. If you are including this website and its services in your marketing strategy, you can certainly expect quality leads for your business.

Why you should use SlideShare?

As mentioned earlier that SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and allows you to seamlessly share your presentations with the world. In fact you can upload PowerPoint, OpenOffice and Keynote files and share it publicly with millions of viewers. If you want, you can also share your presentations privately with colleagues, clients or intranets.

The best part about SlideShare is that you can find presentations on almost all topics here. You can also download presentations, reuse or remix ideas for your own use for research as well as for business purposes. SlideShare also helps you to make your content go Viral. You can use it to get a high search engine ranking and get shared on blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

YouTube videos can also be embedded in SlideShare presentations quite easily. You can quite easily compliment your SlideShare deck with accompanying video from YouTube. What’s more! You can also check out slides from events that you have missed or also create your own event to get buzz or archive presentations. In fact, if you’re a developer, you can also use the free SlideShare API to create cool mashups and custom apps!

However, in order to ensure that the above mentioned results are achieved in a seamless manner, it is important as well as necessary to include the following key points while using SlideShare.

1.       Make a compelling presentation

SlideShare accepts videos and various types of documents; however slideshows tend to perform impeccably in order to earn more reviews. Therefore, in order to increase the effectiveness of your presentation, it is imperative to follow these strategies

  • Compose your presentations with SlideShare in mind:

Slide decks that are created for live presentations might unfortunately fail on SlideShare. Therefore, it is imperative to create presentations that “speak for themselves.” Additionally, make sure that you also revisit and revise those slides more likely, which require explanations.

  • Take additional care while designing your presentation:

It has been noticed that highly viewed presentations usually tend to feature more of attractive graphics. Therefore, while designing your presentations, make sure that you include         quality images that speak more than the written content. The fonts that you use in your presentation should also be simple and easily readable on small screens. Moreover, ensure that include high degree of professionalism on each slide.

  • Keep it simple:

People usually do not have much time to read the entire content on your slides. Therefore, it is necessary to create presentations in a manner that offer laser focused messages and present your ideas in small bites by using as few words as possible.


  • Tell a story:

All the presentations that you create in SlideShare should relate to each other. Your presentation should start with an obvious beginning, middle and end. If you have longer chapters, break them into 2-3 slides.


  • Employ Content Marketing:

Your presentation will only be useful if it reflects that you understand your marketer’s challenges and also deliver helpful advice for overcoming them. Make sure that your presentations are entertaining and also provoke your users to share it further.

  • Use recommended tools:

You can make use of the rich libraries for free design templates. For even more templates, you can search for free PowerPoint templates to locate sites such as fppt and DezineGuide.


2.       Make lead generation your objective:

SlideShare is also categorized under Social Media, but you are taking it seriously because its users are serious about research and discovery. While creating content for lead generation through SlideShare, it is necessary to follow some additional guidelines that can specifically focus towards lead generation. Some of these guidelines include:


  • Repurpose with purpose:

If you have been active on social media and have a strong grasp of what works for your business as well as its objectives, you can simply reuse and repurpose the most engaging content for the SlideShare site.


  • Leverage authority:

If you are on a mission to establish authority, draw from the ideas of thought leaders. You can simply endorse their ideas and they might just return the favor.


  • Share, Share and Share:

As mentioned earlier that SlideShare is also a social medium. Therefore, it is imperative to follow the content creators that you admire and also share some of their work.


  • Provide your contact information and links:

It would be a good idea to include links throughout your presentation as it can help you in generating more traffic to your site and also landing pages. Moreover, at the end of the presentation, you can also add your contact details, which can make it quite easy for you to continue the conversation.

  • Call to action:

If your user has made it to the final slide of the presentation, then there are good possibilities that he or she has also liked your content and interested in what you are delivering. There are also chances that the user might also want more information or even want to do business. Therefore, make sure that you include a call to action at the end of the presentation, which explains what you do, how you can help them and also why they should contact you.


  • Promote:

Once when your content is added on SlideShare, you can now drive additional eyeballs to your content, it is necessary to share the same across social media networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Moreover, do not forget to categorize the deck by adding hashtags and keywords, which helps your prospects to easily find you.

Marketers are more likely indulging in SlideShare nowadays because the website has simply proven to be effective in terms of building brand and also generating leads.



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      Very interesting post. I think adding important keywords at the time of uploading the presentation is very important.

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