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Will Pinterest Be A Must Have For The Brands In 2015?

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It is likely to witness that almost all the brands rely on Facebook and Twitter as the two major social media marketing platforms to promote and market their business. However, apart from these two social media platforms, there are more to which the brands can look up to.

Even though Pinterest is a comparatively lesser leveraged upon social media platform, but interestingly it is growing at a faster pace. So, brands should divert their focus from Facebook and Twitter and should look up to Pinterest to spread a word about its business. It is a worth noticing fact that in the last six months, this easy to use and visually-driven interface has grown its active users by 111%.


Pinterest has a tough task to race against the already prevalent two social media biggies viz. –Facebook and Twitter. But, with such a fantastic result in terms of active users, brands are bound to cash upon this opportunity of reaching out to the audience. Thus, it indicates the bright future of Pinterest as the must have social media platform for their campaigns in 2015.

Advertising Potential on Pinterest

Pinterest had begun with self-serving promoted pins but as compared to Instagram, Pinterest has been slower in rolling out ad products. This indicates that the advertisers have a limited access to the promoted pins as a solution to their problem. Moreover, it has been witnessed that the retailers have been the primary users, thus the ads must be placed keeping in mind a certain degree of targeting.

Efforts must be made to project Pinterest as a major platform as compared to Facebook and Twitter & that is feasible only through deeper targeting. Since the aforesaid two platforms offer a better deal both in terms of quality and quantity of scalable data, so Pinterest can also deliver the same results. But, for that advertisers will have to wait for a strong API so as to ensure that not only ad management but targeting possibilities are also opened up.

Pinterest has an edge over the other social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in the form of category targeting search, home-feed targeting and targeting the audience based on gender, location, language and device. Unlike Instagram that adheres to the cliché format of social media interaction via shares, tags, follows and likes, Pinterest on the other hand offers potential for insights into user’s interests.

So, an integration of a robust API coupled with a strong database can surely allow advertisers to strategize, target and manage the right set of audience.

Even though Pinterest is in the process of shifting the limelight on itself, several brands can and rather should count upon some of the useful tools available on its platform to flourish their online business not only in 2015 but many more years to come as well. Here is a small list of features available on Pinterest on which the brands can focus to have an impactful social media platform:

  • Pinterest’s new and comprehensive analytics feature puts forth numerical performance of individual pins, as well as boards. Besides this, user’s demographic data based on the interaction with those pins can be easily displayed through this feature.
  • Individual user data based on country, language, metro area, gender and interests of individual users is available.
  • It allows free focus-group oriented brand testing, to get identify and analyze window shoppers’ behaviour as well as new product’s market demand.

Since most of the companies are already looking forward to spread their business objective via Pinterest, it is time to think upon evolving your social marketing strategy and include it is a effective driving force.

The approaching year 2015, will prove to be a testing time for Pinterest, what is your take on the same? Share your views in the comments section below.

Credits: Advertising Age

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