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 / Employed Smart SEO Techniques To Achieve A Whopping Increase Of 1,000% in ROI


‘ is a San Francisco based online eCommerce shop, which specializes in different wines at low prices and offers convenient delivery. They also specialize in gift offerings and helps customer in making gift basket orders, suggesting gift ideas for clients and events, scheduling orders to arrive on specific dates etc. In addition to this, they also provide their products to many leading brands like Pro Flower, Herry & David, Ohama Steaks, Amazon and Blue Nile. According to the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, is on 242 position.’s Business Objectives:

The main objective was to improve organic ranking for their keywords and increasing the ROI. They had an in-house SEO team who worked on onsite and wished to improve their offsite strategy as well.

Approach/Strategy adopted by gave this task to Wpromote, which is an online marketing company. Given below were the strategies adopted by Wpromote:-

  • Content strategy and execution.
  • Outreach guest blogging
  • Inbound link audit and consulting

Also, because of improper keywords mixing/PPC campaign, CPA got affected badly. So, in order to improve CPA and in turn ROI, the following actions were taken:-

  • Analysed keywords lists.
  • Expanded the presence in Yahoo and Bing.

Results Achieved By

With the implementation of smart SEO techniques, they achieved a whopping increase Of 1,000% in ROI.


  • Its is very important to do offsite SEO along with onsite.
  • Analysis of keywords list plays a dominant role in every business.
  • Implementation of a  proper PPC campaign since it will affect CPA badly which in turn yields poor ROI.

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