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Witness Go To Market Strategies At Google Launchpad

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The internet giant, Google triggered off its very first Launchpad event sometime a year and a half ago in Israel. However, this was launched for the very first time in India. Google’s highly successful start-up mentorship programme was recently held in Bangalore from 2nd-6th February, 2015. The search engine or the internet giant has got as many as 20 start-ups for its inaugural launchpad. All these start-ups that got the opportunity to get mentored by senior Googlers sought and took along substantially relevant and significant information on:

  • Technology
  • Product Strategy
  • Go-to-Market/Marketing
  • UX/UI and many more aspects

Asia’s leading Digital Marketing company Digital Vidya, was represented by one of its Co-founder Kapil Nakra along with two of the lead trainers Himanshu Arora and Bhaskar Thakur at the Google Launchpad event. At the ‘Go-to-Market’ Google mentoring session, concepts and ideas pertaining to start-ups saw active involvement and participation from the participants.

go-to-market strategy

Kapil who hails from a strong digital marketing background primarily threw light upon how the start-up firms can look out for new avenues and ways to put across their messages to the desired set of targeted audience. Enlisted below are the takeaways from the Google Mentorship Session at Google Launchpad:

  • Majority of the start-ups are fundamentally a mobile app
    Lots of activities for which we are currently using desktop or online applications can be better served on mobile device. This shift has to happen in lot of domains in the coming few years. Therefore, this is the reason why lot of innovations are happening in this space and most of the start-ups are trying to leverage that.
  • Rate of growth of start-ups is much faster now
    The Google Launchpad event was delayed by few months. To everyone’s surprise, most of the participants had grown very fast in the last few months. Amongst them, one of the start-ups has even crossed 1 million user base. Most of the other ventures already had 1,000’s of installs. Herein, Kapil noticed the high average growth rate in the last 15 years.
  • Building traction for Mobile App is relatively easy right now
    Kapil thinks that at this point of time, creating a mobile app is like doing a “Momentum Trading”. He stated that if one can take care of the basis, one will be able to build initial traction. Most of the start-ups which are doing good have no idea why they are successful. So, he thinks that if one is not doing anything on mobile, one has a greater chance of losing. Even if one if not clear what works, one should get started. In a nut shell, most of the businesses are learning on the way.

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      A good step by Digital Vidya as such things eventually build a good public relations base!

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