Wix vs WordPress – Which One Is Better?

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“Wix vs WordPress!”

The most common phrase for those who are looking forward to building an online property.

Are you also confused about picking the right platform for building your website?

This review post will help you to clear all your doubts by giving you in-depth insights on Wix vs WordPress.

Website is the backbone of your online business which plays a major role in determining your success on the online forefront.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to choose the right platform to build your website. 

If we talk a few years back, WordPress was considered as the best platform for building websites.

However, with the advancement in technology, more players have emerged and one of them is certainly Wix.

Over the course of only 2 years, Wix has gained much popularity in terms of the website building.

As per the stats, by the end of July 2019, total number of internet users were 4.3 billion and it is constantly increasing. 

Taking the facts into consideration, brands cannot afford to lose a large portion of online customers by not having an online presence.

However, when there is a need to select the right solution for building the websites, very often the brands have to analyze Wix vs WordPress.

So, without wasting any more time, let us get started with the amazing article to analyze Wix vs WordPress.

When the article ends, you will definitely have a clearer idea of the better option between WordPress vs Wix.

So, let us get started with an introduction to both of these website building platforms.

Wix vs WordPress – Understanding both One by One

This article is divided into three main components which are WordPress Review, Wix Review and a comparison of WordPress vs Wix.

WordPress Review

WordPress is the most popular website builder. It powers more than 33% of all the websites.

WordPress has been dominating the website building arena for a long time and is the first name that comes by default when it comes to website building.

Back in 2003, WordPress started as a simple blogging platform. Since then it has emerged as a comprehensive Content Management System especially the WordPress Blog.

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Talking about WordPress review, there are many different things to say for sure. That is because it is one of the most popular platforms that people use in order to build their business online.

Hence, it is certainly occupying a lot of space in the minds of the people for sure.

WordPress further has 2 extensions which are Hosted WordPress and Self-Hosted WordPress.

Let us now understand the difference between these two.

Hosted WordPress (wordpress.com)

Hosted WordPress

Hosted WordPress Source – WordPress.com

Hosted WordPress or WordPress.com is a hosting service that allows you to build a website or blog that runs on WordPress.

In the case of Hosted WordPress, it can be said that it basically started as a particular blogging service for the people.

Thus, choosing the hosted WordPress is a smart choice for people who are looking forward to starting their own blog.

However, with time, it has now turned out to be a pretty great and amazing website builder that people love to use.

Hosted WordPress requires simple signup and after that, you can have your website/blog ready in less than 5 mins.

While the basic website functionality is free of cost, you will have to pay for certain additional features.

So, when it comes to the hosted WordPress, it resembles Wix a little bit.

Self-Hosted WordPress (wordpress.org)

Self-Hosted WordPress

Self-Hosted WordPress Source – WordPress.org

In the case of the self-hosted WordPress, you will be having your own copy of WordPress CMS.

In other words, with the self-hosted WordPress, you can download the WordPress software and start using it on your own web hosting account.

Additionally, you can choose your own domain and hosting service that can adeptly run your website.

The best thing about the amazing software is that it is an open-source one.

Hence there is a particular code which is available with it and it is free of cost as well.

This allows you to modify the code according to your needs and requirements.

So, that means when the sites are built with the help of the self-hosted option of WordPress, then these can be customized to a great extent.

The self-hosted website is pretty flexible and can be used according to the needs and requirements of the customers.

All you have to do is get the right developer for building your website with the help of the amazing WordPress software.

Another thing that you should know with the self-hosted WordPress is that you can create an amazing website without creating any code. With this, you can avoid the use of CSS and HTML totally.

This was all about the WordPress review. Let us move on to the next part right now.

The next part of this Wix vs WordPress article is the Wix review.

Wix Review

Now that you know a little bit more about WordPress it is time to focus on the Wix review.

After WordPress, the next best website builder that has gained popularity over a short period of time is Wix.

The platform of Wix is completely Cloud-based. Hence you will be able to make your own design for the website and build it as well.

Wix Dashboard

Wix Dashboard Source – Wix

One of the prominent benefits of Wix is that it is user-friendly & you don’t have to have to learn to code to create your website.

That is one of the main reasons why Wix is so popular amongst the people these days.

However, there is a difference between WordPress and Wix. With Wix, you get mostly the things that you need with a simple drag and drop option to create & maintain your website.

You will be getting a proper domain name, templates for hosting, CMS or content management system, support, and e-commerce functionality as well.

So, in a way you don’t have to worry about the applications & the custom coding requirements in the case of Wix.

There is an amazing Wix editor provided that allows you to pick a template and design your website the way you want to.

Another amazing feature of Wix is the Wix ADI or the Artificial Design Intelligence that gives you options to create and design a customized design.

Now doesn’t that seem to be absolutely helpful people?

We are pretty sure that you are completely impressed with the amazing features of Wix.

Compare & Contrast: WordPress vs Wix

Wix vs WordPress

Wix vs WordPress Source – WPBeginner

Well in order to find out the ultimate champion between Wix vs WordPress, one needs to have a head-on comparison between all the different factors of the two website building platforms.

Hence, here we are going to provide you with some compare & contrast details of Wix vs WordPress.

1. Ease of Building The Website- Wix vs WordPress

While building a website on any platform, the very first thing that a user considers is the ease to build the website.

Obviously, no one wants to get tangled in the complexities of building a website.

So, while comparing the best and the most amazing website building solutions, there is no doubt that you need to compare the ease of building the website.

Therefore, below given Wix vs WordPress analysis on the ground of ease of building the website will be quite useful for you-


In the case of Wix, there is no doubt that you need to sign up first. After that, you will have to choose a type of website from the available options like a business, online store, travel, restaurants, blogs etc.

When you decide the type of website, you will be given a list of templates to choose from.

After choosing the template you will be able to use the Wix Editor in order to have some changes in the images, text and so much more.

Lastly, you need to click on the “Publish” button and you are done.


However, in the case of WordPress, you need to sign up and then get the domain name for your website. This is an added thing that you need to do in case of WordPress.

It will take some time to make sure that you are able to properly start with WordPress website building.

After the selection of the domain name, you can choose the theme from the paid and the free options. Moreover, WordPress plugins can enable you to incorporate different features on your website.

There is no doubt that WordPress is not really as simple as Wix, but then it is pretty easy and functional for sure & also compliments your SEO needs.

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2. Functionality- Wix vs WordPress

Wix might have been the champion with the ease of use factor.

When it comes to analyzing functionality in WordPress vs Wix, nothing can beat WordPress as it is customizable and flexible.

This is one of the most important reasons why most people want to use WordPress for building their websites.

Therefore, let us have a look upon key findings of Wix vs WordPress analysis on the functionality ground-


Wix Features

Wix Features Source – Wix

Taking the functionality factor into consideration, you need to rely on the App Market of Wix.

Wix App Market is the ultimate stop to enhance the functionality of your Wix Website. It caters to many business types

There are amazing apps that you can use in order to add some functionality and flexibility of the website that you are creating with Wix.


WordPress Functionality

WordPress Functionality Source – WordPress

WordPress offers more flexibility and this is the reason it is used by a majority of people.

The plugins provided in WordPress allows users to add and extend the functions in the website.

You don’t even have to know how to code in order to use these plugins. There are about 53000 amazing plugins which are provided with WordPress.

Not just that but you can also use the social media integration options as well in the case of website building with WordPress. This will help you to promote your business and blogs on social media channels as well.

Go ahead and try it out right now to see the amazing results.

3. Handling Ecommerce- Wix vs WordPress

Ecommerce Website Builder

Ecommerce Website Builder Source – ChinaBrands

The internet is longer limited to looking for information and connecting with people. Rather, it has expanded to an extent where you can sell products and services.

Therefore, as a result of this, most small and medium-sized businesses have started to sell their products online.

If you are new to building a website, you should note that Ecommerce Handling is another important parameter that should be considered while doing Wix vs WordPress analysis.

With the help of Wix, there is no doubt that you can get some amazing functionality for the ecommerce sector

However, you do need to know that with the help of WooCommerce compatibility on WordPress, you can have some amazing results as well. So, let us unravel the Wix vs WordPress mysteries on the ground of e-commerce handling-


In the case of Wix, you will be given two options for ecommerce handling. One would be the online store template that is already built. The other would be an addition in the already existing template.

After making a choice from the given 2 options, you can easily place all the products that you want to sell.

When it comes to product management on Wix, you have to ensure to keep the product range simple to derive the best results.

Once you cross the simple zone of the products, you will lose the flexibility to manage products.


While creating a website using WordPress for your Ecommerce business, you don’t have to worry about any complexities.

WordPress is the first name that comes by default when it comes to website building. So, there is no doubt that when it comes to ecommerce marketing the dominance of WordPress is unparalleled.

Also, there is the amazing WooCommerce compatibility the website will get which is certainly a very important trait.

The WooCommerce aspect focuses mostly on physical products. Hence is very useful in case you decide to build the website optimally for ecommerce business.

Apart from the ecommerce plugins, you can also find some amazing add—ons with the help of WordPress to make your ecommerce store even better.

So, why not try it out for once and then see the results? We are pretty sure that you are going to be impressed with what WordPress has in store for you.

4. Control Of Data On The Platform- Wix vs WordPress

Data protection is something that can be of great help if things are measure for the long term.

Well, this is not really that important when it comes to short-term effects. When it comes to making the final decision regarding the right website building platform, data control is something that you should consider.

Here also WordPress comes out as the clear winner in this case. Let us see this through the Wix vs WordPress analysis given below-


You might be wondering why there is no competition when it comes to the Data control of the platforms.

In the case of Wix, the content and the site can be exclusively hosted on the servers of Wix and nowhere else.  They do not provide an easy way for users to transfer the data. So, you will not be able to transfer any data anywhere.

So, this can be a problem for some of the users who need to export data for analysis.

However, there are some amazing tools which are ready to offer the transferring option but then these are not that easy to use.


When it comes to WordPress, you can full control over the data. You will be able to download, manipulate, and export all the data that you have. So, it cannot be compared with the Wix in any way.

Therefore, this is the reason why WordPress is the clear winner when we talk about Data Ownership. Generally, users look forward to having complete data ownership of data so that they can use the data.

5. Ongoing Maintenance- Wix vs WordPress

While doing Wix vs WordPress analysis, maintenance is a factor that should be considered at every level.

The developers need to think about website builder which is able to maintain the website along with maintaining the security of the website.

In the case of WordPress, you need to handle these things on your own. However, Wix is different. Now let us find out how is that possible on below given Wix vs WordPress analysis-


When it comes to the maintenance of Wix, there is nothing much that the users have to do for sure.

This is because the site is responsible for doing everything in the best way for sure.

The updates and protection from security issues happen on its own in the best way. Make sure that you are using it for sure.


With this website building platform, you will definitely be the in charge of security issues, updating the software, data backups etc.

These things are pretty important to keep the site properly maintained. So, that is something which can take up some time for sure.

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So, there is no doubt that both these amazing website building platforms have some pretty great features.

However, with the Wix vs WordPress comparison, it is clear that WordPress is the better option, even though it is a little complex to use.

Joining a digital marketing course can enable you to learn and understand the world of Wix vs WordPress with utmost ease and expertise.

Hence, you can choose the right platform that suits your requirement.

Which one do you prefer from Wix and WordPress? Share your views about Wix vs WordPress in the comments below.

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