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Wondering what to post today?

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Many a times it becomes quite confusing for the marketers and business owners using Facebook to decide the kind of content to be posted. Creating everyday posts for your Facebook page is not easy and hence it is important for you to decide the kinds of posts, which can create an impact on your audience.

However, with the launch of ShareGrab, Facebook users do not have to face these hassles anymore. ShareGrab is basically a free tool which helps you to find the most popular posts any Facebook Page. Overall, this free tool not only helps you to decide the kind of Facebook content audiences enjoy, but also places where you can find this content.

ShareGrab is basically an application that searches public Facebook pages for highly shared content. You can instruct this app for the kind of Facebook pages you are interested in monitoring. It will then view these pages and give the content a letter grade (A-F) depending upon the popularity of that content. You can then check the best performing content according to the grades and either share that similar content with your audience or create something same that will be liked by your audience.

Moreover, it also gives you an opportunity to segment the pages that you want to monitor according to the topic. This feature can be extremely useful for users that are searching for variety of information to be shared with the audience on social media while managing several Facebook pages for your clients.

Another best part about ShareGrab is that it is easy on budget and helps you discover social media content for your own followers. In addition to checking content that works well for your organization, it also gives you an overview of content, which doesn’t work well. Therefore, it helps you discover content that would make your audience happy and convinced.


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