WoodLand Leveraged LinkedIn To Generate More 100k Impressions

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2About WoodLand

Woodland, a premium Indian brand for outdoor shoes and apparels, has a network of 416 exclusive stores across the world. It is a brand which is known to offer the best of customer service. It was launched in the year 1992 by its parent company, Aero Group, which aimed at creating an innovative collection of outdoor shoes and apparels for the nature lovers who prefer to spend most of their time outdoors. It became a popular brand within a very short span of time through its strong commitment to the brand, resulting in a growing community of users. Its products boast of being designed in a way which can bear the brunt of challenges in nature.

In addition to its popularity with regards to its quality of products, Woodland is also known for its ProPlanet philosophy and their constant endeavour for working towards social causes. They have also been instrumental in inspiring participation in nature conservation. In keeping with this philosophy; Woodland has always undertaken their mission to make products which are eco-friendly and does minimal harm to the environment.

WoodLand’s Business Objectives

One of the main objectives of WoodLand has been to build awareness of its ProPlanet brand in its community. It intended to increase its community strength by creating awareness amongst various consumers in the industry. It also wanted to increase the number of impressions of its brand visibility, which will in turn lead to increase in the number of users.

The management of WoodLand wanted to establish it as an eco-friendly brand among its specific users. It intended to do so in order to create a subset of its existing base, who are nature lovers and who would like to be associated with a brand which also believes in creating eco–friendly products.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By WoodLand

Woodland approached LinkedIn to create campaigns that will help it meet its objectives. Together, Woodland and LinkedIn decided to create an innovative, collaborative and engaging marketing campaign. This campaign was supposed to feature banner ads created with an aim to bring awareness among the viewers. In addition to this, they also came up with an innovative idea of creating an idea sharing portal wherein the users could share their ideas. They also planned to launch a contest for the same, which would result in active participation of the viewers.

Another strategy adopted by Woodland after having approached LinkedIn was to create campaigns that will help it meet its objective of creating brand awareness. In addition to this, they also wanted to encourage collaborative participation for the ProPlanet initiative. Together, Woodland and LinkedIn decided to make history by creating an innovative and engaging marketing campaign.

Why LinkedIn?3

LinkedIn being one of the largest online social media platform, has a very large reach due to its large online user base. Hence, by creating a marketing campaign on LinkedIn guarantees to bring in high visibility within its large base.

One of the reasons why WoodLand chose LinkedIn as its marketing partner was because of the effectiveness of its banner ads, which has in the past proved to be strong at building awareness of brands and has shown capability of driving large volumes of traffic.
By choosing LinkedIn platform as their marketing partner, WoodLand knew of the ability to be able to select and target a specific audience. This was required as WoodLand wanted to create a niche within its segment of shoes and apparel users who are keen to use products which are eco–friendly. With LinkedIn, WoodLand had the option to share and collaborate through social media using LinkedIn’s innovative API.


With the successful launch of the campaign, WoodLand saw a significantly large number of visits on the ProPlanet LinkedIn contest page. They saw approximately 103,255 visitors to the contest page within a short period of time.
One of the main objectives of the campaign was to increase brand awareness. WoodLand got around 1,022 unique and innovative ideas shared by the participants of the ProPlanet LinkedIn contest.
WoodLand also got over 14 Million brand exposures and this basically meant that the campaign was a big success. In addition to a good brand exposure, WoodLand also got more than 21,000 brand interactions.


With this case study, one can learn that using social media platforms can be one of the most efficient ways to increase brand awareness within a specific target audience. One can create a niche of one’s product by using banner ads on various social media platforms. It is also important to choose the right platform for running one’s marketing campaign as this largely depends upon the brand / product to be advertised and the target audience using the social media platform. Also, on these platforms, one can provoke participation among the users by hosting contests. One can also take advantage of their APIs to expand through collaboration and sharing. Using a social media platform can also be very fruitful in increasing the number of impressions of the banner ads thereby increasing the brand awareness. In this manner, one can reap a lot of benefits out of marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Image Credit: Pixgood, Grovo

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    It is true that social media can be used as an effective medium for brand awareness. By targeting specific groups using proper marketing channel can produce great results.


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