Woodland’s ProPlanet LinkedIn Contest Generates 100,000 Impressions

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Breathing pollution free oxygen has become difficult presently due to the polluted environment. Mother Nature reverts in a similar manner you treat her. If you plant trees it will give you oxygen but in case you cut trees it will cause global warming. For this reason, Woodland uses recycled industrial waste for internal operations. It manufactures products’ hand tags and visiting cards from the recycled waste accordingly.

As a matter of fact, Woodland has joined the green movement by partnering Non-profits such as leave no trace, UNICEF, WWF etc. Presumably, its focus is towards energy conservation and waste elimination and minimizing its Environmental footprint.

Moreover, Woodland is working a step forward to inspire the young generation towards conservation of planet. For this reason, it has launched ProPlanet on Social Media to inculcate younger crowd to work towards saving the environment. In other words, it is encouraging youngsters to share their passion towards social work.

About Woodland


First and foremost, Woodland was founded by Aero Group which was a well-known name in the outdoor shoe industry. It entered the Indian market in 1992. First hand stitched shoe was manufactured by woodland. It created an anonymous collection of apparel for an outdoor enthusiast. As a result, it gained popularity with its quality and determined commitment towards the growing community.

The tree logo depicts its similarity with adventure lifestyle. It provides tools to meet the demands of environment enthusiasts.

At the same time, it commits to maintaining a sustainable and Eco-friendly business practice through innovation and technology.

The brand is passionate about Adventure, nature and preserving the earth.

Brand Mantra is to “Explore more” for their every product it manufactures and activities it is involved in.

About Woodland Proplanet

Woodland’s inclination towards saving the environment encouraged them to start a community named “ProPlanet”. ProPlanet inspires people to conserve nature and share their passion to save nature.

In fact, Woodland has an Eco-friendly philosophy which encourages them to manufacture eco-friendly products that cause minimum harm to nature. They wish to share the same philosophy with their customers and involve them to follow the same.

Presently in this globalized world where everybody wants to stay connected. Similarly, they also wanted to introduce an interactive platform where they can discuss and share issues and harms related to the environment. At this point, to exchange the views Woodland created social platforms such as environmental blogs, discussions, forums, webcasts, videos etc.

Furthermore, Woodland wanted to reduce the environmental impact to zero and positioning in the market as an Eco-friendly brand by taking several environmental initiatives.

Woodland’s Business Objective

Woodland launched ProPlanet to build brand awareness on social media among its community. In In the same way, Woodland wanted to spread word of mouth, increase brand connect with the consumer and encourage them to discuss on “pro-environment” ideas. Large level of engagement was created to reach the target audience. Awareness Campaign was not enough to reach the target audience; it was demanding campaign which should be interactive, innovative and is able to reach the specific target audience.

At the same time, Demographics were used to reach the young professionals of the age 24-35 years who have a positive statement in life and care for the environment.

Apart from social media Woodland also considered other traditional media such TV and print. But the target audience of young professionals was more interactive and responsive on social media. So they led Internet-centric campaigns only for ProPlanet.

Strategy adopted by Woodland

Woodland launched banner ads to reposition its brand on social media and to create an eco-friendly brand image.

LinkedIn was chosen as a platform to engage the right target audience for brand DNA of ProPlanet. In fact, LinkedIn has a professional network of over 161 million members worldwide and over 16 million professional in India.

Woodland collaborated with LinkedIn to launch an informative and engaging campaign to invite young innovative minds from its extensive user-base to join the hands to create a greener and pollution free environment.

The goal of this campaign was to make sophisticated young professionals step out of offices and become ProPlanteers.

Woodland started “Stepout2GoProPlanteers ” campaign was launched using LinkedIn API’s to invite LinkedIn Target audience and become ProPlanet ambassadors. It got live on 5th June 2012. They designed the campaign in such a way to allow professionals to Submit ideas on any one of the 10 key sectors as identified by the United Nations’ Environmental Program for Green Economy.


Custom Message for selected Audience

“Leveraging the power of LinkedIn’s member-base,
we directed the campaign ‘StepOut2GoProPlanet’ to
professionals who understand the need-of-the-hour of
conserving the environment, encourage them to share
insights and work with us in developing a green environment
and a green economy.” adds Mr. Harkirat, MD – Woodlands.

Furthermore, It took around 4 months for woodland and LinkedIn to create “StepOut2GoProPlanet” Campaign. With the perfect combination of innovation, positioning, and engagement the resulted in an unmatched level of participation and engagement for ProPlanet and increased awareness to save the environment.

After signing-in with their LinkedIn credentials, the target audience was redirected to the brand micro site of Proplanet to submit their views on Businesses can contribute to keeping the environment green. Once the views were submitted, a ProPlanet Ambassador badge appeared on their LinkedIn profile which increased ProPlanet brand awareness.

To spread the word organically, young professionals shared about ProPlanet on their Social Profiles. The winning ideas for the campaign got rewards such as LinkedIn Premium Subscriptions, Discounts etc. Woodland shared the same campaign on its self-owned social ecosystem.


They further promoted the winning ideas by awarding them ProPlanet T-shirts with QR code printed on it.

Results oriented by Woodland

  • ProPlanet campaign got 103,255 visits
  • 1,022 unique ideas to save environment were submitted
  • It got more than 14 million brand exposures
  • More than 21K Brand interactions

Learnings obtained by Woodland

  • Woodland leveraged LinkedIn to spread the word of mouth
  • Allowed to share its passion to save environment
  • Woodland’s team plans to build on the successes achieved via “StepOut2Go” Campaign with its new and creative ways to engage customers. Mr. Harikat adds “We believe Woodland and LinkedIn’s teams see completely eye-to-eye and we believe the ProPlanet campaign is just a stepping-stone to bigger and better collaborative projects!”

Why LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn Banner ads were proved to be best for their ProPlanet Campaign increasing their Brand Awareness and driving traffic
  • LinkedIn gave woodland an ability to target a specific group of young professionals
  • It encouraged the collaboration and sharing through social media via LinkedIn API’s

Source: www.woodlandworldwide.com, https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/marketing-case-studies

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