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Workshop On How To Build A Marketing Strategy That Works At Great Indian Marketing Weekend (GIMW), 2014

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Great Indian Marketing Weekend (GIMW), 2014 is an intiative taken to bring clients and agencies together to team up to develop marketing strategies, build tactical plans, develop campaigns and execute them for enhancement of skills and their products.

There was this one very informative workshop on ‘How To Build A Marketing Strategy That Works’, which was led by Mr. Rajeev Sahi, CEO, Kwality Group.

Some thoughts shared by him on marketing strategy are as follows:

  • We are conscious of fact that we are scared of one activity which can become media buzz. So, it is extremely important to remain grounded.
  • So, it is important to know that 50% of marketing spend is wast but what is that 50% about? And if you are targeting a particular kind of customer then what is about?
  • Awareness is good but as far as it is important for outside it is also important within you.
  • You should look for cost effective solutions for online as well as offline.
  • Mr. Rajeev says that, “YouTube shows ad before video which is a very powerful medium if used carefully.”
  • Customer is always right but who is the customer? So beware about it.
  • Don’t be too much in a hurry to modify your offering due to feedbacks. Ofcourse, feedback is good but who is giving that it is important.
  • Strategy comes out of the design between vision where I want to be and where you are and what is your context.
  • Know yourself and find out where are you and who you are in order to succeed.
  • When you say ‘You know your market’, it is a myth. So, revisit again and again that where I am, what am going to do with this?
  • The real equity is the mind share of your customer.
  • What is the money I will raise? What are non monetary resource I have? Define what value each resource can provide? These questions will define ‘Resource.’
  • You got to be aware of dynamics of market players and what can be the problem which they might face so that I can be the first one to solve it.
  • “Find who is the best in world in a particular field and go on his feet till he accept you and learn from him.” Dhirubhai Ambani, Reliance Industries. So, there may be much wisdom outside your area of knowledge and it is good to get this wisdom.
  • If my customer don’t have money then it doesn’t mean he is not a good customer. So, my solution should be, how effective my module should be to make it more cost effective.

A Living Strategy:

“What is strategy? It is plan and project. Strategy seem to be as one constant. It is like a tree which keep on sprouting new leaves. It is living strategy which keeps on modifying but you don’t change it.”, Mr. Rajeev.

What do I say which could be heard? What is the minimum which I can promise and which can be delivered? You cant say marketing strategy and delivering are two different things.

Name of the Game: Mind Share

Four key essentials here are:

  1. My Mindshare
  2. My Promises
  3. My Uniqueness
  4. My Delivery

Success is more dangerous then failure as it makes you feel that you did it. So, be aware that you have to check the uniqueness of your product, your promises, delivery and targeting the mindshare.

So, at the end the crux of this whole session which Mr. Rajeev gave is that “You should be comprehensive in nature and revist again.”

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      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Very good post. I’ve shared it with my students.

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