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Worried About Dealing With Big Data? Follow 5 Simple Tips And Make Web Analytics Less Cumbersome

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Data, whatever you say to it for example, tremendous data, important data or redundant data has already crossed the boundaries of extremities what we call as infinity. We generally call this infinite amount of data as big data. Analysis and structuring of this ‘big data’ is one of the Hercules tasks in the world because it’s bigger that universe in today’s context. Over the past few years, organizations across all part of the universe including public and private sectors both have made several strategic decisions to turn big data into competitive advantage. But the challenge in front of them was extracting value from big data is similar in many ways to that of distilling Business Intelligence from transactional garbage of data. At the heart of this challenge is the hidden process of following some tips with the help of which they can extract data from multiple sources, transform it to fit organizational needs and standards.

Start with small & then get the scope right:

What happens in most of the organization is that chances of redundancy get increased when data increases where you feel that big data analytics have to be implemented. But at that time nothing is known. For example what will be the structure of data elements? What will be cost? What quality issues are there in? So it’s always good starting with small. Firstly set some relatively simple analytics that won’t take much energy or data to run. Always remember for big data to get successful you must have accurate scope in hands with a clear goal. If your organizations mission is not defined correctly or mission statement with unlimited goals will obviously increase complexity which may lead to deviation from your scope.

Don’t try to change the business

Technology is ever-changing, but it’s not everything. So don’t just try to change your business according to changes in technology. First understand what exactly your business is. What is the most important factor it requires to sustain in the industry whether it is resources, manpower or right approach? You can’t implement perfect technology until you know in what manner your business works.

Find a problem in present that needs a new solution

The next thing is to find out problem that isn’t well served by your current working environments.  Once the crux of problem is identified and if it’s because of data that can be voluminous data, redundant data, unstructured data or garbage data. It can be anything which needs instant solution. Then find the right web analytics tools that can solve existing problem and implement it successfully to get advantage out of it.

Make big data with small datasets and allow users for insights into it.

Business system analysts at a big company such as Intel, for example, with its complex supply chain and global market have deep insights into customer demand by analysing far flung data resources pulled from market information and business events. Undoubtedly, the actual data we need is embedded in economic or annual reports, discussion forums, various web-sites, social networking sites, weather reports, Wikipedia, tweets, and now a day’s blogs also. By factoring all the data available into small data sets, business analyst can better assess strengths and opportunities by overcoming threats and weaknesses. Thus gaining competitive edge, firms can strengthen supply chains, improve the affectivity of marketing campaigns, anticipate changes in customer behaviour and enhance business continuity.

Define Business Outcomes clearly

First of all as mentioned above managing “big data” is a worldwide problem like global warming but obviously in a very different context. According to Wikipedia’s owner Jimmy Wales, “big data is a collection of complex datasets”, and at the same time so large that it becomes very difficult to out process using on-hand available “DBMS tools or traditional data processing frameworks”. However, it is becoming difficult for companies especially companies like banking and IT sector to store, retrieve and process the ever-increasing data. If any company gets hold of managing its data well, nobody has power to stop it from becoming the next big hit! Thus it’s very important to understand what outcomes you want from your business.  In a same way, innovative use cases for big data to start with clear business outcomes, instead they work their way down into the data and the analytic capabilities that are required to achieve these outcomes. It gives a new shape to overall performance of business by maintaining high standards in data analytics.

The streamlined, scalability, and measurable architecture of web analytics will make the technology bigger and better in coming future. In fact, the need of web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Hadoop etc. for proper data analytics is no longer a subject of cumbersome process. The only challenge now is how to take advantage of it at best, and the enterprise which has solution to this has already excelled and achieved competitive advantage.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      You’ve written “Technology is ever-changing, but it’s not everything. So don’t just try to change your business according to changes in technology”. The statement contradicts the concept, theories and practices of change management. Change is inevitable. Adapting to changes is the essence of life and business. Undoubtedly, Data is indispensable. It is important for decision making in every sphere of life. But, it is not the only exhaustive material for development and progress.

      • 5 years ago

        Apurva Ramteke   /   Reply

        I am not saying that don’t at all change your business, change is necessary, agree but see what suits you business model first. I’ll give you an example of “Dabba Wala”, they are not using any technology but they are Six Sigma Award Holder with 99.9% efficiency, having guinness book of world records in todays technology pron era.

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