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Yahoo Brings A Silent Video Messaging App- Livetext

Yahoo Brings A Silent Video Messaging App- Livetext

yahooYahoo is the oldest  platform which serves the world wide web services since 1990 through its product and services which incorporates Mail, News, Finance, Messenger, Answers, Search and Yahoo Sports. It was also a famous directory for listing  your business known as Yahoo Directory. It grew speedily  in the year 1990’s and was one of the most popular site by the year 1998 for internet users. In the year 2008 Google gave a cut throat competition to Yahoo by launching its brilliant products and services because of which Yahoo struggled.

Recently in this year 2015  Yahoo this time brings a silent  video messaging app – Livetext. After so many years Yahoo has come out with new the product.  It released this app in July 2015. It is a mobile messaging app. We already have mobile messaging app like  Whatsapp, Wechat but the basic difference between Livetext app and the other mobile messaging app is that Yahoo Livetext will allow to chat with your friends and relatives with a live video streaming option  using Mobile front facing camera which captures video with a text chat on one to one basis  without audio whereas other messaging app do not have an option to have a video chat only exchange of text happened in this app. Livetext app is available on smartphones like Iphone and Android mobile only.

Let us brief yourself of what options will Livetext app will provide:

  • See the video on the other side of who is chatting with you.
  • Type the text you want to send
  • Users can chat in 4 languages i.e. English, French, German and Chinese language.
  • You cannot do a voice chat. Audio is silence – Audio is the text chat which you send in the video streaming.

Yahoo shows off Its new Livetext Messaging App

Benefits of using Livetext app:

  • You can see the actual emotions conveyed by your friends and relatives with whom you are chatting. You can see the reaction of people with whom you are chatting , express how you feel and you can show all this with your real faces there is no more need of emojis
  •  It will make chat more memorable as the chat will be associated with looking at the persons face.
  • Chat will have no audio that means you can chat from anywhere in the meetings, train, crowded streets without any disturbance.

 Yahoo messaging app Livetext has bring out the new trend of chatting that is text on top of the video. It may sound odd to you of having video chat without sound but it has its own benefits. You can have an emotional as well as memorable chat with Livetext app.Adam Cahan, Yahoo’s head of video said that it is now no more of tradional way of chatting which  feels very formal and feel like you need to make an appointment.

 After yahoo developed this app they tested this app for a several week in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Ireland, they distribute this app to engineers at the Ohio University to Test and they also distribute this app to test at the University of California at Santa Barbara to their students. They were pleased with the review which they received from the engineers and students.

Yahoo launched this product at the headquarters of Tumblr in Manhattan.  They demonstrated the livetext app by “livetexting” with 21-year-old pop singer Christina Grimmie.

 Yahoo has made this app available on app store in Hong Kong first and soon the other day they rolled out in other countries like United Kingdom, Germany United States, Canada and France

In conclusion it can be fun experience also as you can share your present story, amazing moments like you are cooking some delicious food or you are out to some beautiful place and so on. Look at the below image for an example.


One thing to note about the Livetext app is that Video is not saved on the LIvetext messenger, phone or by any services of Yahoo. Text also disappears once you end up the chat session. Unlike Whatsapp and Wechat in which your chat is saved. You also have varied options like emailing your chat and archiving with Whatsapp messanger but with the Livetext you will lose all your chat as soon as you quit your chat window.  But you can record a video through your mobile by table front camera.

Though yahoo is too late in bringing out the new messaging services in the mobile world but it ensures that it is different from rest of the mobile messaging app in the market and hopes to bring out new revolution in the market

While whatsapp, wechat, snapchat are very old players in the market when it comes to mobile messaging and they have also created a strong user base may be in millions. Now the question is will the Livetext app able to stand out and win the battle with these messaging apps, will they able to grab the opportunity well. It is a wait and watch situation for Yahoo’s new app Livetext of how it will perform in the market and how will the user respond to this new way of chatting. Will yahoo be able to make its presence felt in the market again. What do you think of this new messaging app? Knowing what this app is capable of are you excited to use and experience yourself. Let us keep our finger crossed and see until livetext app is rolled out all over the country.

Video Credits: Yahoo YouTube

Image Credits: Siliconbeat

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