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Your Guide On How To Market Your App Efficiently

Your Guide On How To Market Your App Efficiently

So of course you discovered that you need more than just a mobile website for your business and/or product in today’s world and you’ve achieved success in making a brilliant app. Congratulations. But in order to gain the attention of the smartphone generation and get them to use your app you have to spread the word about it.

But how do you do that? Let us show you how! We list down some of the best ways to market your app for maximum impact:

Start marketing your app way before the launch date is drawing closer


The marketing strategy for your app should start the moment you begin working on your app. This concept will without a doubt act as the foundation for your app marketing. Make sure your marketing efforts start as soon as possible, though they will be soft at the beginning, with  your continuous effort and right strategy, it will continue to build and peak with its arrival in their respective app stores.

Deliver an eye-catching icon

With more that 2 million apps on the app stores, there is a lot of noise in any and every category apt for your app. And somewhere in the middle of the moose, if your app icon’s first impression does not stand out, it will stay that lost forever. Focus on factors like unique shape, right colours that define the category, avoiding use of photos and a lot of colours and so on.

Use the right screenshots1328-vine

Taking screenshots simply and dumping them in the app store does a very poor job of getting across what your app is fully capable of doing. Adding captions and information that will help the user understand what your app offers is key in getting maximum downloads.

Highlight the usefulness


Always keep in mind, if your app isn’t useful and something that isn’t really needed, no one is going to be interested. Make sure you highlight what sets your app apart from the many others in the market out there. Get your thinking hats out and get creative.

Focus on Mobile Advertising

If you’re thinking about investing in PPC Advertising for your mobile app, make sure to advertise on mobile devices. You can target mobile ads to users while they’re performing searches on mobile devices.

Don’t forget Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a huge and still growing trend in recent years no matter what the industry. And this of course is a great platform to market mobile apps. There is so much you can do on social media, the options are limitless. And let’s not forget it’s the best place to engage with potential customers, users and also people who have something to say about your business and/or product.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can prove to be a great way to build an audience . When we talk about marketing a mobile app, there can be many blogs that can be targeted. Remember to focus on blogs related to the niche of your business and/or product so the right target audience is present and the content is being consumed. And since guest blogs can be promotional, you can work on the content in a manner where by then end of the app users are inquisitive to actually go and check out your app.

Always use teasers and sneak peeks

You can create a teaser landing page before the launch of your app where you collect subscribers via email submission field. And you can also share sneak peeks on social media before the app is launched.

Find a way to create buzz

A great rating means a lot of positive buzz which in return causes a lot of word of mouth and trust, which means users are more likely to try your app. You can promote an app heavily but if it lacks good user experience, every effort will be a waste. Work on crafting the best app strategically in your niche, this will make the app talk worthy.

SEO matters, yes it does

Yes, SEO, you read it right. Let us explain what happens, your app URL will show up in search results when users search for related queries. And hence you want your app to pop up even before the user hits enter. To achieve this, you need to identify best targeted keywords that you’d want your business and/or product to rank for.

That’s all folks but before you go, here’s a note for you.

Lastly, remember every business and/or brand has a different marketing budget as well as strategy for promoting the app. The most important thing to consider before finalising a strategy is what is it that work the best for your app. Once you get this right, it will create the right buzz and get people to download the app more and more which will eventually lead to loyal and returning customers.

Think we missed out anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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