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Your Guide To Build A Successful Organic Traffic Pipeline

Your Guide To Build A Successful Organic Traffic Pipeline

Don’t you wonder why are we still trusting the phrase – “Books are your best friend” and how long are we going to hang on it. Believe it or not soon the phrase is going to change to “Google is your best friend”. After all this years of loyal services of Google to us, it really deserves to be best. Most of the analytics data has revealed the source of highest traffic of the visitors to be from the organic search. Ofcourse, Why not! Most of the time people don’t like to remember the full name of the website that they want to visit nor do they even know where to look for their answers to their wants and needs. This is why Google is Awesome. Just type what you are looking for in that Google Search Query Space and Google SERP (Search Engine Page results) will give you what you need. But building a successful organic traffic for your website is not an easy task. Over the years people have actually relied of the Search Engine to such an extent that now it has become a habit. In many cases, in the well-known browser, user have a tendency to change their default search engine to Google.


However, building successful organic traffic does not only refers to attracting of visitors coming from Google Search Engine. This are all those visitors who end up clicking your website link after they see it in the SERP of any Search engine like Bing, Yahoo directory Search Engine etc. This is why organic traffic is so important for a website holder. Organic Traffic serves almost 70% of the visitors into your website, noted by the SEJ (Search Engine Journal). So it is quite a huge number to ignore. But how to maximize it, depends on how well you are optimizing your website using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy. You need to take of a bundle of thing that is considered as an element in On-site and Off-Site optimization Process in SEO strategy. It takes time and money but quite less than that of all publicity and branding investments. Don’t you think it’s worth it, if it increase that 70% of visitors of the visitors who click on organic links? Paid ads, pay per click ads in Google can give you instant results but wise to use it as a long term strategy. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is often for a getting instant results. And very few are likely to click on the links shown in SEM portion of SERP.

5 Point Guide to Build a Successful Organic Traffic Pipeline

In order to ensure the constant flow of visitors through organic search it is very important to build a careful SEO strategy. The process has to flow in a proper pipeline to get better results. There are some series of points for you to remember in order to have better results. This points will serve as a guide for you to build a success Organic Traffic Pipeline.

#1 Identify User Questions


It is really important for you to identify the questions that might be asked for getting the type of services that you are providing. Suppose you are an ecommerce site with various categories in your website, and someone somewhere sitting in front of his system or in mobile might be open to every any ecommerce site on just that of yours. So, he will most probably try out putting up a query in Google Search Engine. He might be typing something like “Latest models of Nike” or “Casual shoe at Best Price” etc. So this queries are something that is very important to you. Just be creative enough to make a guess for it and accordingly make reforms in your webpages keywords and tags. This will ensure your website to be found easily than that of your competitors.

#2 Focus on Long Tail Keywords


Now, why is it so that specifically Long Tail Keywords are of much importance for your website to get a better indexing? Just thing over a minute, will understand better about what a person wants from you, when he or she ask you with a single word query as “Shoe”? That person might be looking for a casual shoe and you will ending up showing him a formal Shoe. Same happens to Google Crawlers. The variety of links that crawler have to crawl through with a single keyword or short tail queries, becomes really huge, and this is why the competition becomes tough. So, focusing long tail keywords will bring you better results. Even survey report as that long tail keywords have better performance of traffic than short tail keywords.

#3 Choose the Best Headline


One of the most unique way to stand aside from the crowd is to make use of some creative headlines. Best way to get a creative headline is to check out bestselling magazines. They have really catchy tags and headlines on it. You can get some idea about creating the best headline for driving Organic traffic. More the Headlines are catchy, people loves to click on it.

#4 Better Planning and Research for Content


Content writing is not as easy as it seems to be. It’s not just a mere understanding of US or UK English makes you eligible for producing a content which can really help you in building successful Organic Traffic. This is the region of SEO where most of the companies overlook. They fail to get there right Content Writer for completing the SEO strategy. Often it is seen that people puts up just a knowledge of English and possession of written skills as the eligibility criteria of a content writer, but it’s quite more than that they need. An ability of read, research, analysis and give conclusions of their own is really necessary to bring out the best in a content. To make a content relevant enough to help it go up the SERP ranking, one much give an in-depth view of the topic that is actually loved by your readers. Only than your blog will be able to drive successful organic traffic into your website.


#5 Focus on Producing Engaging Content

One of the best way to ensure a successful organic traffic is to increase you effectiveness of the content. This can only be achieved when your contents are engaging enough. You must make sure that the content you are producing are sharable and liked by the people. What good a 1000 words content would be when people don’t give you feedback in the form of there likes and shares. According to a survey, the better ranking pages are mostly filled with more than 2000 words. If you want to make your content engaging enough, you should better ensure to put up good images and infographics. This remove the dullness of the content.



All these points must have to be carefully used when you are making an SEO strategy for optimizing your website. This will ensure you a successful organic traffic pipeline which will help your website to gain continuous turnover of successful organic traffic. Leave your troubles in implementation if you have, in below comments and let us know how helpful this strategy was for you.

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