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Your Guide To Pinterest For E-Commerce

Your Guide To Pinterest For E-Commerce

pinterest guide

Many marketers and companies think of branding and promoting their website with the old trend that is either marketing on Facebook or Twitter will gain success, they don’t feel comfortable to promote through other new social media channels available like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, With so many options out there marketers often get confused of which advertising platform will be best suited and investing on that will gain good returns or not, they are also not comfortable enough to try their skills on other platforms as they think as this social media platforms have lees visitors compare to Facebook and Twitter and hence if they promote on any other social media channels then they might not get good returns Due to this reason they hesitate and restrict themselves from using other social media channels and they opt to market on traditional social medium. But it does not stand true for Pinterest. One should not ignore the fact that Pinterest as a marketing platform is a very excellent tool provided if it suites your brand. If it is appropriate for your brand than you should definitely implement Pinterest which can be very helpful to you for your branding. It can generate a great traffic to your website and also leads to generate conversion and sales. As the trend of shopping online has come into existence to a great extent, social media plays a large part to influence customers for the buying decision online and according to the survey the Pinterest has more average buyers compare to Facebook. The Order value of Pinterest average users is 126% more than the Facebook. Average order value of Pinterest is recorded $123.50 while of Facebook is only $54.64. From this value now you know that it has become important to optimise your website and have good marketing strategy which uses Pinterest. If you want to know that how you can gain success using Pinterest for your branding or marketing then here is your guide to Pinterest for E-commerce.

Integrate Pinterest on website correctly

  • The Pin it button should be noticeable enough and also easy to use. If Pinterest is very important for your brand then you should highlight it in such a way that it is more prominent over the other social media icons.
  • Your website should be capable enough to pull out the image which is well optimized when someone clicks on pin it option.
  • Your website should be optimized in such a way that it pulls out the description and it should also feature a few relevant hash tags and product information relevant to it.
  • If you place sharing the pin option on your website than it should redirect to the appropriate landing page. You should provide URL. Also if you want to track that from which source the referral traffic is coming then it is utmost important to implement it in a right way. You will be surprised to know that at this stage most of the marketers are missing on.

 Remember that the thumb rule for any good promotion tactic is to reduce a friction of your users and to provide crisp and to the point information. This way you will encourage and attract more customers to pin your product and engagement rate will also awesome.

There are two ways in which Customers can create a new pin through your website

Option 1: Copy and paste the URL on add your pin widget included on a Pinterest board

Option 2: Click on a Pin it button available on your webpage near your product image.

Let us look on how both the option will work:

Option 1 – Copy and paste the URL

For the users if you are providing copy and paste option then you need to follow these steps

You need to configure your website for open graph Meta tags through a Rich pin tool from Pinterest, if they are configured then only Pinterest will be able to recognize and pull out the most important information.

Option 2: Pin it Button

Pinterest has a tool which helps in building Pin it Button in many ways.

  1. Pin It Button
  2. Follow Button
  3. Pin Widget
  4. Profile Widget
  5. Board Widget

 pin it button widget

Keep in mind that pin it button is not suitable for the situations where you want to create a pin directly through email or post it on the Facebook, for this you need an custom URL.

Let us look at the step to configure Custom URL on Pinterest

Creating a custom URL has its own benefits. First we will look at how we can generate a custom URL pin and then will list down its own benefits.

You can create a custom URL through a tool known as ripenecommerce. It allows you to download an excel sheet which consist of the following information.

  • Landing page url
  • Image url
  • Description

Pinterest custom url

After clicking on the link it will redirect to Pinterest and you can pick a board or create a new board to post the customize pin. You can also share it on Facebook.

Clicking on link

And finally after creating you will able to see your customized pin


As you have seen in the above example don’t you feel great of creating your pin your way and this the main benefit of using the custom URL option. You can create a pin and almost post it anywhere which can have a great impact on your audiences. This is also helpful if you are sending any marketing e-mails or promoting on cross social media platforms like Facebook.

Your content should be well optimised

And finally your content is the king. No matter how good strategy you apply but your content should be great enough to attract your customers.

Following are some tips

  1. Price – Your product should include price as this influences the customers for their buying decisions. The best way to implement price tag is to include in the description. Pinterest has a protocol to use the price and the URLs in the description and Pinterest will not allow on Promoted pins. Hence you have to be very careful while configuring URL on your open graph. You should take care that price is displayed on rich pins and the landing page URL is linked properly. Pins with the prices have 36% higher chance of being liked
  2. Call-to-action – Have call-to-action – This is an old marketing strategy but it always works, have an relevant call-to-action for as it will increase an engagement. Call-to-action pins receive 80% more call-to-action.
  3. Images should be light – If you upload dark images and shadowed image, it would not work. The images should be light and clear. It will have a great impression. Also lighter images are pinned 20 times more than darker images.
  4. Provide information to the point – There is a limit set on Pinterest for the description. The description should not be more than 200 to 300 characters. Hence it is a challenge to provide good appropriate description which covers all the points. This type of pins is shared 57% more than other lengths.
  5. Don’t show faces – You should upload images without faces. Study shows that the pins without faces work well. Brand without faces gets 23% more pins.
  6. Images should be Tall- Always upload tall images, as tall images always work better than short images. Tall images are shared 67% more than the short images.
  7. Proper timing – You should pin on weekend that is on Saturday and Sunday, Picquora tool which is an analytics tool for Pinterest shows that people on weekends visits Pinterest more compare to other days, as on weekends they have some free time.70% of pins engagement occurs on weekends.
  8. Relevant Boards – Use an appropriate board to list your pins, which is relevant to theme and interest. This type of boards will get more followers and also will have subscribers.

Nothing is permanent in social media marketing you need to adopt changes and Pinterest is now among one of the fasted growing and most impactful e-commerce marketing platform.

Image Credits: Pinterest

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