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Your Guide To Writing The Best Google Ad Copies

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Everything in Digital Marketing movies pretty quickly. But for all the innovations and features that are new and the ones seen on a regular basis, there is one thing that remains very important and appealing regardless of all the changes in platforms, technology or tools, which is writing ad copies.

Remember, that it doesn’t matter how much of AdWords you’re currently using. If your ad copies aren’t up to the mark, unfortunately you will not see the result that your business and/or product should have otherwise got. Also, the challenging part is fitting all the copy in such a small space and on top of that you have to stand out from the rest on the search engine page and be at your creative best. How can one achieve that? Read on to know more!

But before we go ahead, a note for you..

Assuming that there are a number of ad writing tips and practices that you’re already performing, such as using keywords/keyphrases in your ad copies (well, lots of advertisers don’t so just making sure) and following basic Google’s guideline like ‘tHis aIn’T cOOl’, we shall start talking about the awesome tips that will help you in writing awesome ad copies.

Just one more thing before we start, do take a look at this video about ‘The One Thing You Must Do Before Writing Ad Copy’.

Video Credit: Youtube – Tom Wanek

Are you ready?

Alright, here we go!

#1 Mirror The End User’s Goal

Let’s get this straight, no one clicks on an ad just because it seems like a cool ad. They only click on them to solve a problem by accomplishing something. Whenever you’re writing ad copies, always think of the end user and their objectives broadly, and then phrase the ads in a way that will appeal to the problem solving part.

#2 Include Attractive Numbers In Your Headline

As we all know, advertisers practically would go to any heights to get clicks on ads, but sometimes all that is really needed is to get to the point. This just makes the end user’s life easier as well. Hence the best way to do this is by adding numbers and statistics in your ads, and if they’re in the headlines, it’s better.

#3 Write Compelling Storytelling Copy

Remember, everyone loves a great story. We love knowing about interesting people. People we can relate to, people who’ve suffered challenges and overcome them too. So, essentially your product and/or business gets elevation too.

#4 Include Emotional Trigger Words

We thrive on emotion. Nothing gets to people better than a powerful emotion. This is the principle that makes clickbait effective, after people read something and experience a strong emotional reaction and that’s what makes them click through. This is a very powerful technique to use when writing ad copies.

#5 Keyword-Rich URLs Are Key

Never overlook the impact that a display URL could have on the success of your business and/or products. A lot of advertisers make this mistake, do not join that party! Since the destination and display URLs can be different, you should make sure to use this to your benefit. Your display URL can be interesting and it should contain top keywords relevant to your business and/or product. And if your destination URL doesn’t contain keywords that you’re bidding on, your ads still appear in search results if the keywords are present in your display URL.

#6 Use Punctuation After First Description Line

Please don’t call us grammar nazis, the punctuation also helps in giving a push to your ad. By ending your first description line with a punctuation mark, your ad copies will receive an elongated headline.

#7 Answer to Common Objections

You’ll be competing in a crowded market, and often the choice that the end user will make generally comes down to two important objections, the cost and the hassle that goes into it. When both these obstacles can be tackled through ad copies, why not leverage this benefit for the better of your business and/or product.

#8 Write Conversational Ad Copies

This kind of copy writing will include conversation between two people – the writer and the end user. The language would be like a salesperson and a customer talking through a possible sales presentation. You don’t need to be a very experienced copy writer to create conversational and snappy ad copies, just keep in mind that you should let the language flow as naturally as possible.

#9 Be Clear On What The Goal Is

Remember you want the end user to convert and spend more time on your website, always be clear on what your goal is. You should never say something else on your ad copies and lead the somewhere else, this deeply affects your website rank and your business.

#10 User-Friendly Guarantee

And last but not the least, let the end user confide in you, be compelling and include it through a guarantee. This practice will build trust and help you get a better click through rate than your competitors.

Did we miss anything? If you have any more tips to add, do comment below. Thanks!

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