YourFootDoc Leveraged SEO & Saw 250% Increase In Site Traffic

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What do you normally do, when want to know about a topic or find details about an item? Some of you may ask your friend or if you are provided with an internet and a compatible devices, best thing that you will do is to type your query in Google search engine. Now move back few years from now during 1980’s or 1990’s where getting answers of your query might be a process of week or thousand kilometers of travel, just to get an answer. Search engines have made this process that easy that we don’t even feel it a big deal. But have you ever imagined what’s going on at the backend of it. How come billions and trillions of data bytes are managed so accurately by search engines? How your business website can be found at the top of the all search results when it is typed in the search engine? The key to crack this all secrets to be unique enough to be found among that large amount of data in the data base is, to know how to optimize your website by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. have well understood the need of optimizing their website, which helped them to be at the top position in the search results. Let’s look at the changes that brought into their website to reach this feat.

About YourFootDoc


YourFootDoc is a company engaged in medical practices, by providing podiatry care and laser treatments. They are specialized in taking care of foot and ankle problems. YourFootCare is based in California, United States. They operates with a simple mission of “To provide the most comprehensive podiatry care utilizing the most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in the treatment of the feet, as well as foot and ankle disorders, and foot pain”.

Challenges Faced

Despite of all the efforts of to increase their reach and authority over internet, they failed to do so. They were struggling to get visits in their website in order to increase their website traffic. Due to their low traffic in their websites, was hard to be seen in Google search results and in all the major search engines. Their less awareness about the effective use of keyword to make them visible at the top of major search engines also affect their ranking in the search engines. In order to take care of all this challenges they took professional help of expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Blazonco. It was a big challenge to make visible at the top of search engines due to the number of competitors in the medical practices profession. So, Blazonco had to take a significant number of steps make visible at No.1 in search results of Google search engine. Before they leveraged SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, was ranked 99th position in Google, i.e. Bottom page 9 of the Google.

About Blazonco

blazoncosharelogoBlazonco is a California based company who is engaged B2B (Business to Business) market. They  in are provide online help for last 14 years to different large and small sized business by designing digital marketing strategy for them. Blazonco provides solutuions with their wide experinces in the field of design and marketing services of web designing, branding, internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and PPC campaign management.

Strategies used

The first thing that Blazonco did in order to improve the Search Engine ranking of is to start a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign and closely monitor and analysis the performance of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. Analytics report were provided on a monthly basis, and changes were made accordingly in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. This helped them to keep on improving the performance of the campaign by learning the key factors involved in optimizing their website to reach at the top of search results in major search engines.


The few of the changes that were taken in and according to the monthly reports of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) were:

  1. Most significant research and analysis of key word. Top 20 keywords were researched and analysed in relation to industry and geographic region, so that the word in their contents can be detected easily when they are searched in search engines.
  2. Manual submission to top search engines were made so that the page links can build easily I the data base of the search engine.
  3. Each month the keyword ranking reports were checked for Google, yahoo and Bing search engines, I order to access the progress of their SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  4. High ranking incoming links were built to direct large number of traffic from different higher traffic websites.
  5. Local business submission to Google Maps, Yahoo and Bing to improve their visibility.
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of supported by Blazonco, also includes 50 local directory submission.
  7. They also tool=k leverage of proprietary custom SEO (Search Engine Optimization) software for better analysis.
  8. In order to locate them easily and make it authentic, sitemap is also created and submitted.


Seven months after the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign of Blazonco for, they witnessed incredible results. Finally they succeed to not just move up the search ranking list but also found even more perks along with it. Some the incredible outcomes of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign are listed below:

  1. website traffic increased by 250%, which was obviously incredible as the result that they got in just 7 months was nowhere to be seen in their years of business.
  2. It was really motivating as the 60% of the keywords typed in search engine returned as the 1st result on the 1st page of the Google search results.
  3. The number of keywords in top 10 of all search engines increase by 1233% for
  4. The campaign also helped to move up a total of 43,562 spaces across all 20 keywords.



The incredible change that brought by the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign for is just because of the realization of the importance of optimizing their website for improving their ranking in major search engines. You may provide superior products and services for all your customers but if your website is not visible to them, you won’t be able to get any profit out it. So it is very important to leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to make website found by your customers easily.

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