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YouTube’s Interactive Card Annotations Work On Mobile Phones

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One of the largest and widely accessed video sharing platform YouTube has strived to make the user experience better. Yes! Now it will be easy to get rid off those subscriptions that used to arise as soon as the video you viewed comes to an end.

This is an interesting video-marketing tactic brought in by one of the most widely used and largest video sharing platforms that enables the users to enhance the user experience by introducing the YouTube Card Annotations. Interestingly, it is worth noticing a fact that this new feature shall readily be accessible to the users accessing YouTube on their mobile phones. This initiative has been brought in by YouTube such that a large part of the user base is more accessible on their mobile phones. Also, gone are the days when desktops or laptops were being accessed for accessing the data or surfing on internet. In the era of technological advancements, there is a new innovation being announced almost every other day. This is a great initiative put forth by the largest video sharing platform with a view to bring in much easy accessibility and to create a better user-friendly experience for better end results.

Here is an excerpt from one of the widely-read technical platforms viz.-TechCrunch that describes the details of the YouTube annotation cards:

Today, there are six different card types being made available, which are accessible from the new “Cards” tab in the Video Editor. YouTube points to several examples of these, including videos demonstrating Merchandise, Fundraising, Video, Playlist, Associated Website and Fan Funding cards. These cards are applied on a per-video basis will work on both desktop and mobile, says YouTube. To use the cards, creators can provide a destination URL from a list of eligible sites, and, depending on the card type, can customize the image, title and call-to-action text.

The cards will appear first to viewers as a small teaser for a few seconds, which viewers can then click to access the card directly. Plus, at any other point in the video, a small icon appears when they hover over the video playing on the desktop or when the player controls are displaying on mobile. Viewers can click this icon to scroll through all the cards available on that video.

Viewers can also choose to ignore the teaser that appears, and it will go away allowing you to watch the video uninterrupted.

Here is an interesting video that showcases the Creative Use of Annotations and Links: 

Did you come across this new feature on your mobile phone? Did you find any difference? Share your set of views and experiences about using this new annotations feature on your mobile devices, in the comments section below.

Credits & References: TechCrunch, SproutSocial

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