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Mobile Marketing Course: Master Certification (CMMM)

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  • Master Mobile Marketing to multiply your Organizational Revenue
  • In Exclusive Association with Govt. of India (Vskills)
  • No Minimum Educational Qualification
  • Placement Assistance to Certified Professionals
  • 3 Months hands-on Training conducted by Industry Experts

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  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, …) Professionals
  • Students
  • Anyone interested in building career in Mobile Marketing



Mobile Marketing Course Coverage

  • Mobile Marketing Orientation – Why is Mobile Marketing becoming so critical for business success
  • Mobile Usability – In depth exploration in the world of Mobile Usability & User Experience.
  • Building Mobile Presence – Building Optimal Mobile Presence while taking care of search optimisation & UI frameworks
  • Mobile Advertisements – Learn how to effectively run mobile ads on search Engine and Mobile Ad networks
  • App Marketing – Learn about App Store Optimisation and other inorganic ways of promoting mobile apps.
  • App Monetization – Understanding the App Business Model and various approaches to Monetize Apps
  • Integrating Real World & Mobile – Learn to integrate QR Code, SMS, Social, HotSpot Channels in Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Measuring Success of Mobile Campaigns – Learn about various Metrics to measure Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Project & Weekly Assignments: In this course, there will be weekly assignments to give hands-on experience in Mobile Marketing.
Research Based Internship: We believe that the real learning does not happen in the training sessions. For real learning, you have to make your hands dirty. We have designed research based internship in which you will do a research on one topic every week. For every good research submission, you will do blog post on Digital Vidya’s website with your credentials.

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