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Social Media Certification (CSMMP™)

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Question 1. Who will award this certification?
Digital Vidya and Vskills will jointly offer this certification.

Question 2. What is Vskills?
VSkills is a “skills testing” and certification exam conducted by – ICSIL, A Govt of India Undertaking and Govt of NCT Delhi Company. It is one of the largest manpower companies of the government of NCT Delhi. VSkills certifications help candidates quantify and prove their skills in a particular domain – skills that are valued by the employer and are in great demand.

Question 3. How will this certification benefit me?
This certification will benefit you in multiple ways. Given this certification is offered jointly by Digital Vidya and Vskills, it will help you enhance your career prospects. In addition, the preparation process for this certification will help you acquire relevant Social Media Marketing skills and build self-confidence.

Question 4. Is this a course or an exam?
CSMMP is a certification exam. You get self-study online preparation material worth Rs 6500 free of cost to prepare for this exam.

Question 5.  Will you offer any job assistance?
While we don’t promise any job assistance, we are regularly approached by number of companies across India for their Social Media hiring needs. Once you clear the CSMMP exam, we request you to share your latest profile with us and we will be glad to share it will relevant companies.

Question 6. Will I get a soft copy or hard copy of the certificate?
You will get both hard and soft copies of the certificate.

Question 7. Will the exam be conducted online?
Yes, the exam will be conducted online but at the Aptech center you would register for your exam.

Question 8. Is CSMMP open to candidates outside India?
Yes, this certification is open for candidates residing outside India. They will have to pay the fee of US$ 100 and will have to take exam online through a webcam support for proctoring.

Question 9. Is there any eligibility for this exam?
No, there is no eligibility criterion for CSMMP.

Question 10. Can I retake the exam?
Yes, there’s no limitation on the exam retakes. However, you will have to pay Rs 1250 (inclusive of 12.36% service tax) as fee for retake.

Question 11.  How long can I appear in the exam after registration?
You can appear for the exam anytime within a year of registration.

Question 12.  How will I access the preparation material?
We will mail you the required details for you to access the preparation material online. It will be in the self-study video format.

Question 13. How long will my certification be valid?
There is no expiry date for this certification.

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  • Recognised by 1000+ Brands
  • Created in partnership with Vskills – A Govt. of India Initiative
  • FREE Preparation Material with 89 video lessons (worth over 100 US$) with 100% course coverage (limited period only)
  • No Pre-requisite

Sample Certificate
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Self Study Preparation Course [icon type=”icon-plus” size=”large” spinning=”false” color=”black”] Vskills Certification Examination [icon type=”icon-arrow-right” size=”large” spinning=”false” color=”black”] Price: USD 100
(US$ 100 for international candidates)
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Robin Goel

Roben Goel
Manager- Social and Digital Media at The Times of India

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[icon type=”icon-quote-left” size=”small” spinning=”false”]Core social media learning tool.

Not just beginners but an advanced learning tool for all social media enthusiasts. Lectures nos 7, 8, 21, 22, 23 are of great help to me as I have got an insight of what I am missing in my social media strategy for my organization. I would highly recommend this course to all people who are looking forward to get into digital marketing.[icon type=”icon-quote-right” size=”small” spinning=”false”]

[icon-box title=”Why career in Social Media?”]

  • Social Media professional can earn between Rs 15,000 – Rs 150,000/month
  • “Every marketing professional needs to have knowledge of Social Media irrespective of their job Profile” – Digital Vidya 🙂

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Vskills Certification
CSMMP Certification is offered in partnership with Vskills (Govt. of India Initiative).
[icon-box title=”Industry Recognition”]
Page Traffic

“A Social Media Marketing Certification (CSMMP) will not just be an add-on to your qualification, but will help you in getting better job opportunities. It is essential for budding digital marketing professionals to keep themselves updated about happenings and trends in social media marketing & a social media marketing certification is surely going to help them move forward in the right direction”. – Navneet Kaushal, CEO, PageTraffic
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Social Wavelength Logo

“A person coming up with CSMMP will have a good background, and can start quicker. We will surely give preference to candidates with CSMMP accreditation for entry level positions at Social Wavelength.” – Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Social Wavelength
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“A great initiative by Digital Vidya, the need of the industry as it evolves is to have this as an integral part of their training initiatives. With the medium fast evolving, Digital Vidya’s certification programs provide not only a value add from HR point of view but also brings Huge operational efficiencies and betters the talent pool of the agency.” – Avijit Arya, CEO, Internet Moguls


What will be covered in the CSMMP™ Exam?

Note: All preparation material for this Social Media certification will be provided to you FREE of cost after your registration.
[accordion] [accordion-group title="Social Media Basics" active="true"] [list]

  • Introduction to the course
  • What is Social Media?
  • Social Media is Big & Active
  • Online World is Getting More & More Social Lecture
  • Negative Impact Created by Unsatisfied Customers
  • Negative Impact Created by Naive Employees
  • Opportunity Loss by Not Being on Social Media
[/list] [/accordion-group][accordion-group title="Case Studies on Social Media Usage"] [list]
  • Brand Building through Social Media Lecture
  • Sales through Social Media Lecture
  • CRM through Social Media Lecture
  • Internal Communication using Social Media Lecture
  • Lead Generation through Social Media Lecture
  • Generating Traffic through Social Media Lecture
  • Fund Raising through Social Media
  • ORM Example – Apple Feedback on Mouthshut
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="Getting Started with Social Media"] [list]
  • How to Start Using Social Media?
  • How to Select Social Media Channels?
  • How to Acquire Reach on Social Media?
  • What Returns to Expect from Social Media?
  • How to Set Social Media Objectives?
  • How to Choose an Identity on Social Media?
  • How to Build Engagement?
  • How to Attribute Returns to Social Media?
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="Social Media Channels Overview"] [list]
  • Facebook Overview for Businesses
  • Twitter Overview Lecture
  • LinkedIn Overview Lecture
  • Pinterest Overview
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="Facebook Basics"] [list]
  • Facebook Overview For Business
  • Challenges in Using Facebook for Business
  • Overview Facebook Ads
  • Overview: Facebook Events
  • Audience you can Target on Facebook
  • Why Use Facebook for Your Business?
  • Overview: Facebook Pages
  • Overview: Facebook Applications
  • Primary Business Objectives Served by Facebook
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="Facebook Pages"] [list]
  • Like Vs Comment Vs Share
  • Content Creation is Harder than You Think Lecture
  • Importance of Conversations
  • Content Creation Guidelines
  • Handling Conversations On Admin Posts
  • Significance of “Talking about this”
  • What Type of Content Creates Engagement?
  • Page Positioning
  • Handling User Generated Posts
  • How To Ensure Relevance in Conversations
  • How the Facebook Page Posts are Distributed to Users
  • Different Ways to Source Content for Page Postings
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="Facebook Ads"] [list]
  • Types of ads supported by Facebook
  • Whether to choose CPC or CPM and why?
  • Using Ad Targeting Options in Facebook Ads
  • Retargeting Ads on Facebook
  • How the Pay-per-Click Adverstiment Model Works
  • How to create an effective Ad copy?
  • Facebook Ads Budgeting
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="Facebook Application"] [list]
  • What are Facebook Applications?
  • Going Viral With Facebook Applications
  • How Users Interact with Facebook Applications?
  • Facebook Applications Analytics
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="Facebook Marketing – Common Mistakes"] [list]
  • Not Responding to Complaints
  • Targeting Irrelevant Audience
  • Short Term Page Positioning
  • Measuring ROI without Objective
  • Getting Page Banned for Policy Violation
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="LinkedIn"] [list]
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • How to create Company Page on LinkedIn
  • How To Grow your Network On LinkedIn
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="Twitter"] [list]
  • Brand promotion on twitter
  • Example-Creating Brand Followers on Twitter
  • Fake Accounts on Twitter
  • Getting people to engage with you on Twitter
  • How to create your Followers on Twitter
  • ORM Example-ICICI Bank
  • Twitter Basics Mention, Hashtag & DM
[/list] [/accordion-group] [accordion-group title="Industry Experts Opinion"] [list]
  • Social Media for SEO – Navneet Kaushal, CEO, Page Traffic
  • The Era of Brands as Publishers Insights from Intel Social Content Strategy – Jamshed Wadia
  • Digital Marketing Redefined by Big Data -Chirantan Ghosh
  • How Did I Create World’s Fifth Largest Career Focussed LinkedIn Group? – Subhashish Paul
  • Importance of social sentiment index for Marketiers – Devdulal Das
  • Why Dell is Successful in Online Business Without Any Near Competitor? – Amit Tyagi
[/list] [/accordion-group] [/accordion]

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How to be CSMMP™ certified professional?

  • Step 1: Register in the Exam by filling the form on this page
  • Step 2: You will receive login details of online course material on your e-mail
  • Step 3: Once you have prepared yourself for the exam, you can contact us to book your exam date in the nearby Aptech center.Step 3 (for international candidates): Once you have prepared yourself for the exam, you can contact us to schedule the exam
    date. You can take the exam online from home/office on a desktop/laptop with Webcam access.
  • Step 4: Clear the exam with 50% marks to earn this Social Media certification.

Note: You would need 10-15 days to prepare yourself for the exam. Also, please make sure that you book your exam atleast 15 days in advance.

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CSMMP™ Exam Details:

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • No. of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%)
  • There is NO negative marking in this module.