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Data Cleaning Interns

Biggest challenge with organisations is not lack of data, but lots of unstructured data

data cleansing

Day 0: Ready to Serve

Get Accurate Clean Data (No Analysis)

Adv. Excel and Python Trained

Contractor-based & project-based engagements

Price: 15,000 per month per intern

Sample work done by our Interns

unstructured data

As-Is; Lots of unstructured /raw data across multiple systems


structured data

To Be; “Dynamic Sales Analytical Dashboard (DSAD)”


Price: 15,000 per month per intern

Get your data cleaned across all departments

Projects for deploying Interns

No Logistical Issues: Interns will be deployed in your location and abide by your data policies

1000s of interns at mutilple locations

Sales Data

  • Mapping of data in CRM systems with data in Financial systems
  • Maintaining master data in CRM. Monitoring change over the years.
  • Customer specific data for customer-centric analysis.

Customer Projects Data

  • Business Performance Metrics.  Historical data streamlining
  • Customer acquisition cost and analysis

Finance Data

  • Mapping of data across various financial systems. 
  • ERP vs. Business Intelligence vs. Reporting Tools vs. Pricing
  • Historical data streamlining

Business Operation Data

  • Mapping of data across various systems
    • ERP (HR module) vs. Ops Systems (utilization data vs. bench data) vs. financial systems
    • Historical data streamlining
  • Metrics Optimisation overtime.

Business Function Data

  • Employee-centric data
    • HR systems and payroll system mapping
    • Historical employee data
    • Recruitment data and channels 
  • IT Data
    • Web Analytics tool mapping
    • Helpdesk/service desk analysis

Why hire interns for Data Cleansing?


Skilled employees spending time in data cleansing

In the absence of structured data, your skilled employees cannot do the required analysis and provide insight. Eventually, they end-up spending hours on basic data cleansing activities.

Existing Problem


Use trained Interns for data cleansing

High-end analysis owned and performed by skilled employees and the basic Data cleansing activities are performed by our Python and advanced Excel trained Interns.


Our Solution


High cost of project execution

Data Cleansing constitutes a major percentage of Data Projects. Using Skilled Employees for data cleansing increase the overall project cost multifold!

Existing Problem


Use ₹15K per month Interns

Trained and Certified Interns can be hired for the duration of the project, focused only on data cleansing.

Our Solution


High hiring cost and lead time

Skilled resources come with a lead time to hire. Moreover, the associated long-term facility / IT costs are higher for skilled resources.

Existing Problem


Day Zero: Ready to Serve

No recruitment, flexible engagement based contract.

Our Solution