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Who Participates?

Sales & Marketing Professionals41%

Entrepreneurs/Business Owners23%

Digital Marketing Professionals13%

Students (BBA, MBA, B.E, Commerce...)8%

Other Professionals (IT, HR..)15%

Are you looking to learn Digital Marketing in the USA? We bring to you one of the finest Digital Marketing Courses at a very affordable price. And for this, you do not need to travel anywhere. You can opt for this right from your home with an internet connection and a handy gadget. Our course is full of hands-on exercises that will help you to have a practical learning experience. You can start off with a Free Orientation Session that tells you about ways to Enhance your Business and get further in your career. Don’t waste time and click to register for an online webinar where we tell you about the latest trends in digital marketing and yes also about the opportunities it has on offer.

Upcoming Digital Marketing Courses in USA, America

Weekend Batch (Sat)

Dates: 6th Feb, 2021 (Saturday) (6 months)
Price: USD 840
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM (IST)

  • Price includes 6 months Course fee + Certification Exam fee
  • Group Discount: 10% discount for 3 or more registrations

Weekend Batch (Sun)

Dates: 7th Feb, 2021 (Sunday) (6 months)
Price: USD 840
Time: 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM (IST)

  • Price includes 6 months Course fee + Certification Exam fee
  • Group Discount: 10% discount for 3 or more registrations

Weekday Batch (Tue & Thur)

Dates: 2nd Feb, 2021 (Tuesday) (6 months)
Price: USD 840
Time: 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM (IST)

  • Price includes 6 months Course fee + Certification Exam fee
  • Group Discount: 10% discount for 3 or more registrations

Venue: Online [You may be living anywhere in USA or around (e.g. Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco )]


Other Digital Marketing Courses offered in USA, America

  • E-mail Marketing (12 hrs) – Learn how to effectively build your users lists, deliver e-mails & generate relevant clicks.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) (15 hrs) – Learn how to build brand, generate leads & aggregate audience on Social Media.
  • Inbound Marketing (12 hrs) – Learn how to attract & convert customers by earning their trust through various techniques such as content marketing.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (12 hrs)– Learn how to effectively run ads on Search Engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (12 hrs) – Learn how to get website listed among top search engine results.
  • Web Analytics (12 hrs)– Learn how to make business decisions from the metrics available in Digital Media.
  • Mobile App Marketing (12 hrs)– Learn about App Store Optimisation and other inorganic ways of promoting mobile app.

Why Digital Marketing ?

The world is going online and so is Marketing. If marketers and businesses do not keep pace with the evolving nature of marketing, they are going to be in loss. It is very important to utilise the power of digital marketing in this digital era. People remain glued to the internet on mobiles, laptops and tablets. It is logical to catch the consumers there where they tend to be, right in their screens.

Internet is the new marketplace. Companies are selling their products and services over the internet. Only having a website on the internet is not the only thing to do to be visible online. You need to optimize it as per the latest guidelines to be found on the world wide web. Even Social Media Marketing has its own do’s and don’ts. Unless you learn these procedures theoretically, and apply them practically, you are not going to reach anywhere near optimal results. Our strong industry relevant course prepared by professionals with over 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing is there for your rescue. Don’t waste time, just go on and register for it.

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About USA

United States of America is a composition of 50 states formed into federal republic. In area USA is the world’s largest third or fourth country. New York being a largest city and Washington is the capital. US is ranked amongst the third in spending on military and is the foremost power in the world.
US holds 33.4% wealth of the world with fastest growing economy. United States is still considered to be the superpower in the World and is known for its luxurious living and cold weather. Most of the top notch brands in the world are based out of USA. It is also known for its Research and Development capabilities. It is a great country with great people.

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