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Digital Marketing Orientation Recording

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93 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Orientation Recording”

  1. Avatar of saidavali shaik
    saidavali shaik

    Dear sir,
    The session was very informative .
    I am a chemical engineer working in a manufacturing company, seeing people around me and the scenario I want to shift to the online business/marketing for an exponential growth. Frankly, it is all about making money&reputation and getting perks and now I am getting comfortable perks but thing is making more doing more. Please suggest in building career in digital world.

    1. Saidavali: Glad to know your interest in digital marketing for career growth. Can you please share following details for me to advice you further?
      a.) What’s your current profile?
      b.) How many years of professional experience you have?

      Do check out following 2 relevant articles:
      a.) Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing: https://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/career-in-digital-marketing/
      b.) Opportunity of Learning Digital Marketing: https://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/why-should-i-do-a-digital-marketing-course/

    1. Thanks Siddharth for your kind words! Stay in touch and keep sharing your progress in learning & leveraging digital marketing with us.

  2. sir if i attend/join weekend batch and say i have problem /query, so how will that query be solved through the weekday? or i will have to wait for next seesion (5-7 days)????

    1. Samarth: Absolutely, you will have a dedicated course co-ordinator to support you between any two live sessions. It’s another advantage of everything being online.

  3. very nice get knowledgeable information about online marketing by Digital way.
    Thanks Digital vidya

  4. Avatar of nishad rasheed
    Nishad Rasheed

    Hi pradeep sir .
    I am a MBA graduate specialized in marketing. In the current scenario per year lakhs of business students are passing out. so the career ladder is became quite difficult to climb for us. so i am planning to do some extra course to get more indepth knowledge in my specialization that would help me to stand alone in a group. sir what are the connection in between my specialized course and digital marketing

    1. Nishad: You are right about increasing competition among MBAs graduating every year. In our experience (including with IIM Graduates), professional certification in Digital Marketing is one of the best choices for not just your 1st job but for a long-term rewarding career. If you are serious about building career in digital marketing then chose Marketing as specializing in your MBA.

  5. Avatar of bonala sandeep
    Bonala Sandeep

    Hi Pradeep Sir.
    I am Very much interested in Digital Marketing.I am Pursuing My BTech 4th year in Computer Science.Recently I have been Google Adwords Certified.I want to build my carrier in Digital Marketing,So i applied to few companies , rather than seeing the knowledge they want particularly Some number of years Experience it seems.I got stucked here so Kindly suggest me how to get a job now for me?

    1. Sandeep: Glad to know your interest in building a career in Digital Marketing. I can understand your situation considering that Google Adwords certification has a limited value. I recommend following 2 options:

      a.) Look for an internship opportunity to compensate for not having professional experience
      b.) Join our CDMM program

  6. Hi dear
    M an mba in marketing and having 5 years of experience in real estate now I plan to go for digital marketing please suggest how it is beneficial to my carrer
    Please help

    1. Deepak: As I’ve shared earlier, anyone whose education or profile is related to marketing, digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills today. Acquiring digital marketing competency will surely help you accelerate your career whether you choose to continue in real estate sector or move to any other industry.

    1. Good question Aditya. There are over 40 digital marketing tools including free and paid ones, which are used in CDMM program. The paid ones have complimentary subscription period from 1 month to 6 months and depending upon when you start, there will be some of them available for free after your course is completed.

      Btw, a good percentage of digital marketing campaigns can be managed with free tools or tools with a minimal price unless your campaign grows really large or complex. Accordingly, you would not have to spend any significant money after your course is completed. Hope this answered your query.

    1. Sure Vijai. Here’s the list of tools we use in our CDMM course. We continue to expand and enrich this list based on our experience and corporate partnerships:

      And here’s the list of paid tools worth Rs 75,000+ that are offered exclusively to our digital marketing course participants:

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve any further query.

  7. Hi Sir, I have interest in digital marketing and would like to explore the opportunities. I don’t have a product to promote and not planning to have my own. Also, my long term interest is to work from home. pls suggest, how your course will be useful to me. How you are different from DSIM

    1. Krishna: Thanks for your sharing your background and interest in learning Digital Marketing. As we’ve seen with number of our participants, freelancing in digital marketing is surely one of the great opportunities. That’s the reason we’ve added a specialization module on ‘Freelancing in Digital Marketing’ as part of our curriculum.

      Here are 8 key reasons why CDMM is Industry’s most respected and recommended digital marketing certification program:
      – Trained 15,000+ people from 700+ organizations across 30+ countries
      – Conducted 1000+ digital marketing training programs
      – Co-founders of Digital Vidya who’ve designed the program have over 16 years of Digital Marketing experience
      – 115+ hours of live instructor-led sessions delivered by 15+ industry experts across India
      – Industry’s most practical program with 100+ hours of live hands-on assignments
      – CDMM course offered in exclusive association with Vskills, a Govt. of India initiative
      – Only company in India to have association with Google Partners Academy & Microsoft Partners as their Digital Marketing Training Partner
      – Digital Marketing Tools worth Rs 70,000 Free

      Hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any further support.

  8. hello sir i am a hsc undergraduate from mumbai lloking out for this courses but cannot understand about online session and lloking out for offline classes of digital vidya

  9. Hi Pradeep Sir,
    Today on 3.12.2016(Sat) I attended your DMO session which gave me atleast an idea of how the course of CDMM will be conducted through online way for the candidates registered therein.
    I observed that you not only conducted this session in a nice way but also you had good interaction with all the candidates attending the session. I liked your session very much & it motivated me too to undergo the complete course of digital marketing.
    I think if any candidate attends this demo & if he gets convinced with your way/style,he will take no time to join you.Because in many cases some candidates feel that they are not good enough in English & they can not cope up with the way you are delivering your training.So they lose their confidence & don’t like to join you.
    Note: Pl take it as a suggestion or request from my end to win not only my confidence but also others who are not good enough at English.
    Here I want to share my profile with you so that you could guide me accordingly & I could take a good decision at my end whether I should go ahead with this course or not.
    I am basically a science graduate(B.Sc with Physics,Chemistry & Maths) having a professional diploma in industrial safety.
    I for the last 16 years, had been working in the automobile & Engineering industries in the capacity of Environment,Health & Safety professional as per my profile but recently I have quit my job as I want to start my own set up in the field of Online sector which I could do in my individual capacity in any corner of city,country or world through internet.
    I have only hand on experience on computers/mobiles/Laptops,internet,MS Office or emails etc etc, that means I am not very much expert on these devices but I can do my general or routine work on these mediums.
    Here I have three questions to ask you namely-
    1-Is there any option available for me in the online world which I could grab as a career option as today is the world of technology which is going to mind this whole word.
    2-Is there any option available for me in the online sector which I could grab as a career option making use of my own specialization in EHS (Environment,Health & Safety) with digital marketing.
    3-If I undergo the complete course of digital marketing through Digital Vidya through Online method, then how this course will help me in my core field of EHS (Environment,Health & Safety) so that I could have a handsome earning for my self to survive well & how can I apply my learning on digital marketing in others different types of businesses run by different types of people/groups/industries/professional/institutes etc etc.

    Pl guide me so that I could arrive to a decision & initiate accordingly.
    Waiting for your helping revert back……..


    1. Sanjeev: Thanks for our kind words about our orientation session!

      Also, thanks for your suggestion about the demo of our live course. Unfortunately, we can’t do that as one has to register with us and Vskills before one can join the actual program. The registration process also involves creating access to our LMS (Learning Management System) among other steps. At the same time, we believe that our orientation session along with other details shared gives good enough understand and experience for our audience to make an informed decision. Moreover, we give the option to discontinue (with full refund) if you don’t like to continue after attending 1st session.

      To answer your other questions, I can think of following opportunities after you’ve mastered digital marketing:
      a.) Start a venture in the field of EHS: While digital marketing alone doesn’t ensure your success but your ability to acquire customers through digital media is surely going to be one of the critical parameters of your success.
      b.) Offer digital marketing services to organizations in EHS space: As an individual consultant or as a group of people, you can offer digital marketing services to other businesses.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any further support.

  10. I hope digital marketingis a best Course of execute business in online market.digital vidya is a best place for learn the skill of digital marketing and many other things .i love digital vidya ..and i join it …soon…!
    Rahul Pandey

  11. Good morning…could you please send me by mail the powerpoint presentation of the Digital Marketing Orientation – the online session is quite difficult to read. It will be easier for me to print the Powerpoint presentation and listen to the recording.

  12. Hi the session is absolutely very fantastic and very informative as usual but one thing i would like to question just for information that is there any value for your certification in market today and if yes do you provide any job calls or placement assurance?

    1. Akshay: Glad that you found the session useful. The real value of our program including the certification is because of the curriculum and practical approach in which it’s delivered. We’ve a dedicated placement cell, which provides placement assistance to our participants.

  13. Hello SIr,
    I am a CS graduate. I am interested in learning DM. To be very frank, I am not the person who loves coding. The major reason to join DM though. Sir, as a fresher who will it be helpful to me in future regarding the placement assistance. Because all I want is to get a job after doing the course. I am not an entrepreneur, so how would it be working for me?

  14. Aishwarya: Glad to know your interest in building a career in digital marketing. As I’d shared in the orientation as well, a digital marketing professional doesn’t need to know coding. In fact one doesn’t need to be even graduate to building a successful career in this industry. Hope this helps!

  15. Hello sir,

    i have done MBA in 2014. Now i am working as a Business Development Executive in F&V a company from last one year. Now i want to bulid my career in Digital Marketing. so, would it be possible to tell that digital marketing is beneficial for my career growth or not ? and i have two years experience in traditional marketing. it will be count after done digital marketing whenever i will start with digital marketing.

    1. Parvesh: Glad to know your interest and thanks for sharing your background. Considering your educational background, current profile and professional experience, I believe you are very well positioned to build a rewarding career in digital marketing. Since you are an MBA, currently into BD and have 2+ years experience in traditional marketing, you’ve 2 choices: build a career as an integrated digital marketing professional (i.e. traditional + digital marketing) or as a digital marketer. Irrespective of the choice you make, don’t have a short term view (e.g. your 1st salary once you get into digital marketing).

      Hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any further support.

  16. Sir,
    I am a B.COM graduate. I want to help my husband expand his business. We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of garments. How will this course be useful to me?

    1. Radhika: I am assuming your target audience is present on Digital Media (i.e. Search Engines, Social Media, Email etc). Mastering digital marketing can surely help you grow the business and it’s one of the most important skills today for any entrepreneur/business owner.

      Hope this helps!

  17. Hi Pradeep,

    I am an eCommerce consultant, implements eCommerce for Customers and think this course will enhance my profile and fetch me a better job, hope you agree. Could not complete the webinar at the time of webcast but I completed just now.
    Will really appreciate if you can mail the powerpoint presentation that you used in the webinar. I am planning to join post 20-Jun-2017, do you have any batches planned around this time.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Suvendu K Paul

  18. Hi sir I m sirisha .I completed my btech in 2015 from ece branch.if I join in this marketing is there good opportunities ??how related to my ece branch tell me the details

    1. Sirisha: Glad to know your interest. While there are a large number of engineers in Digital Marketing industry, your qualification (i.e. BTech ECE) is not directly related to it. At the same time, technical background helps one play a role in marketing. For example, Digital Marketing team lead at Digital Vidya is also an engineer.

      I would suggest that you look for Techno Marketing role on acquiring Digital Marketing skills. Hope this helps. All the best!

  19. Good Evening…could you please send me by mail the PPT of the Digital Marketing Orientation ? The online session is difficult to read. It will be easier for me to print the PPT’s and listen to the recording.- Regds, Siva

  20. hi sir;
    I have 11 yrs working experience in retail sector and right now I’m not working from last one month..i m interested in digital mktg but doing this without a job is a disadvantge or advantage .how will it help in getting a job as I m fresher in this field .plz advice

    1. Sidharth: Since I am not aware of your profile/title, I would suggest you read this article about the opportunity of learning digital marketing for various profiles:

      If your profile is not related to sales & marketing then you should look at learning digital marketing for freelance/part time opportunities vs positioning yourself to be a digital marketing professional as you will be treated as a fresher in this industry.

      Hope this helps.

  21. Hi Sir,

    I’m a fresher , B.Tech Graduate , doing internship in OdiKala.com as Digital Marketer , I did a course on digital marketing from an online site and I know some basics , and I want to learn more because demand is increasing. How will this course help me to achieve my company goals?

    1. Rajat: I hope you’ve gone through our course details. Given the breadth & depth of the curriculum and % of hands-on/practical components, you can surely expect a significant shift in your understanding & ability to apply digital marketing concepts for your organization and professional growth.

      In case you’ve any specific query, you can ask my colleague. Hope this helps.

  22. Avatar of hemal chaudhari
    Hemal Chaudhari

    Except job what else is the extended scope of CDMM Course?
    Is it necessary to do course before starting mba?
    Will it be up to mark if excluding certified course..i choose only mba ?

  23. Avatar of hemal chaudhari
    Hemal Chaudhari

    Is it necessary to do certified course if I belong to engg. Field and from mechanical brnch background?

    1. Hemal: Glad to know your interest in digital marketing. I am responding to all your queries through this response.

      1.) I suggest that you check this article to understand the opportunity of digital marketing for various profiles including students: https://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/why-should-i-do-a-digital-marketing-course/

      2.) If you plan to build a career in Marketing/Sales/Consulting/Research after MBA then ‘digital marketing’ is a very important skill.

      3.) Yes, if you learn digital marketing while you are doing an MBA, it will help you differentiate from your batchmates. I am sharing this based on our experience with IIM graduates as well.

      4.) Yes, you should do CDMM program as it provides you both – a.) industry-recognized accreditation b.) practical learning

      Hope this helps. All the best!

  24. Dear Sir,

    I have 8+ years experience in Telecom VAS Marketing. I have a PG Diploma in Marketing from ICFAI and have done Executive General Management Program from IIM Lucknow(Noida campus). Due to the doldrums in the VAS domain in Telecom industry I had to quit my job in January 2015.

    I am 41 years old and instead of sitting idle, am working in a sports branding company with a package nowhere near to industry standard.

    I am contemplating to do Digital Marketing training that is well equipped with practical experience to be industry ready and I feel Digital Vidya is providing it.

    My query is :-
    1. Whether I’ll get a job offering in the Digital Marketing domain since I’m 41 years old and rank fresher in this domain.
    2. Do I need to do any Global Certification post this training to be job ready in Digital Marketing domain.

    Best Regards

    1. Bose: Digital Marketing is a critical skill for any marketing professional today. Given your years of experience, I would not advice you to learn digital marketing for a job in digital marketing as you will be treated a fresher. Instead, you should leverage digital marketing for senior marketing roles in which digital marketing has an important role to play.

      While certifications are valuable, you don’t have to worry about any Global Certification other than what you get through CDMM.

      Hope this helps. All the best!

  25. Avatar of samruddhi patel
    Samruddhi Patel


    I’m a television producer who works with TV channels. I shoot and create concepts to put the show on air .
    I want to know how this course can help me boost my career.
    What package can I expect after completing this course.

    1. Samruddhi: As shared earlier, if you have significant (i.e. 3 or more years) years of experience then you should not look at learning digital marketing to position yourself as a digital marketing professional as you will be treated a fresher. Instead, you should look at acquiring digital marketing skills to expand your current profile. In your case, you can look at digital marketing skills to contribute in promotion of the shows you produce.

      Other advantages of digital marketing skills include:
      a.) Freelancing in digital marketing
      b.) Expand your personal brand
      c.) Realize your entrepreneurial dream (if you have any)

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve any additional query.

  26. Avatar of dibya ranjan bissoyi
    Dibya Ranjan Bissoyi

    I have a career gap of 2.5yr. As I am a B-Tech(CSE) student.How can I get a job by learning Digital marketing.Is the career gap will hamper me to get job in digital marketing.

    1. Dibya: Glad to know your interest. I don’t think 2.5 years is too big a gap which can hamper your future career growth potential. Moreover, a very high % of digital marketing professionals (including myself) are from an engineering background. Hope this helps.

  27. Hi, Session is very informative useful for me to start my career into this , but i just want to ask is their any free tools apart from SEO because i need certification of various other tools and want to start my career into this as i am from MBA background but working as an HR executive but i am having interest in this course.

    1. Aradhna: Glad that you found the session useful. I am not sure what do you mean by Tool here. ‘SEO’ is one of the key areas of Digital Marketing and there are tons of SEO tools. Likewise, other areas such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing has various tools.

      If you are looking at certifications then there are a number of them including by Vskills, Google, Facebook. However, the real value of our course lies in the 200+ hours of hands-on assignments you do to learn & master various areas & tools in digital marketing.

      Let me know how else can I support you?

  28. Hello Sir,
    I worked as an HRBP- Operations role for 2 years and the rest into BD role as a freelancer. So how much salary can I expect when I am joining somewhere with the help of your placement cell, provided I really perform well for the interview. And I am already in touch with your folks in enrolling for the program this weekend. So I hope with your brand name and the given knowledge, I hope I can earn at-least a 5 lakh package to start with ?

  29. I have few questions

    1) I request if you could add latest Buzz word “Growth hacking” in your curriculum.
    2) Some e-Commerce oriented Entrepreneurial sessions.
    3) Giving some concession to people looking build their own e-Commerce based startup.

    my last job was as a trainer in Telecom , since then 4 yrs. i invested time in international business at individual level where i didn’t succeeded , now i am looking for visionary techie to join me for making an start up in e-Commerce , Do you get such crowd in your live sessions where people are looking make an startup in e-Commerce.

    1. Ravikant: Glad to know your interest. We already have Growth Hacking and E-commerce Marketing as part of specialization modules. I am sorry we can’t offer anything special for e-commerce professionals in terms of fees.

      Yes, we do get participants from e-commerce industry or aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

  30. Avatar of monalisa chowdhury
    Monalisa Chowdhury

    Sir do you think an educational background in English literature is a relevant one to be in content marketing? I’m a freelance content writer

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Monalisa: Apologies for a delayed response. Any skills/education, which can showcase your interest & expertise related to writing will surely help you in building a successful career in Digital Marketing especially Content Marketing. Hope this helps!

  31. Thanks, demo session was quite good. I have 10 years of experience in traditional marketing in Retail operation & currently am on sabbatical. Planning to join in digital marketing/ freelancing projects, will I be considered as fresher?
    I have following few queries –
    1) Apart from 6 main modules, how do you take other 20 modules, is it part of curriculum or do we need to pay additional?
    2) Is it possible to earn handsome amount from freelancing projects?
    3) Video editing & E-commerce website making is part of this course?

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Navneet: Thanks for sharing your background and glad to know your interest in digital marketing. Please find my inputs below:
      a.) For anyone who’s into traditional marketing, knowledge of digital marketing is must to survive and grow in career.
      b.) Given you’ve been into traditional marketing, you will have a certain advantage over freshers (in acquiring and delivering projects), however, your skills in digital marketing would still be at par with digital marketing freshers.
      c.) The amount of money you make as a freelancer in digital marketing is a function of various parameters including the kind of company you serve and the services you offer. It’s also a function of the location of your client. For e.g., if you can get an international client, you can make far more for the same kinds of efforts.
      d.) Your CDMM fee includes access to all modules as all of them are part of the curriculum.
      e.) Video Marketing (and not editing) is part of the program. Similarly, how to quickly create an effective website/blog is also part of the program.

      Hope these answer your queries. All the best!

  32. Thanks a lot.. the demo session was informative and fantastic.
    But i just want to ask is their any free tools apart from SEO?
    I want to join the class in Feb-2018

  33. Hello sir,
    I have done b.com now i want to make my career in digital marketing whereas i know nothing about digital marketing so how it would be better for me and what is career opportunities in this industry

  34. Good Morning Sir, your video was highly informative thanks alot for your efforts. Sir, there is only one point How do freelancer make money online ? This point is not yet clear. Can you throw some light over there as well or in simple term, how do we make money online or by ads ?

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Anmol: Thanks for your kind words. One can make money as a freelancer in 2 ways:
      a.) Offer digital marketing services (e.g. SEO/SEM/Social Media Marketing) to other companies. Given digital marketing can be executed from any place, it’s a good opportunity.
      b.) Become an affiliate marketer wherein you build a popular destination (e.g. blog) through which you promote other’s products/services.

      A caution here: I’ve seen many people showing a very rosy and unrealistic picture about making lacs in weeks or months. To be a successful affiliate marketer or a freelancer, it takes time and one should have a long-term view.

      Hope this helps. All the best!

      Best wishes,

  35. Just a simple question , how much is the need for better communication skills in ‘digital marketing’
    Do i need to converse in English only in classes?

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Good question Deepak. Communication skills are important to be a successful digital marketer. However, the level of skills is a function of your profile. For e.g., Social Media Marketing profile would require much higher level compared to the profile of an SEO.

      If you don’t have strong communication skills, it’s possible to build and the best way is to use as much of english in both written and verbal communication. Here are some resources for you

      Grammarly: A Free writing application (For Microsoft Office | Chrome Plugin for Mac)
      Duolingo: A Mobile App to learn any Language including English
      How to write well on Digital Media? https://www.digitalvidya.com/blog/how-to-write-well-for-online-media/

      Hope this helps.

  36. Sir I am a BBA Honours Graduate.I have experience as a MIS Executive job over 5 Years.I want to switch my career in Digital Marketing.I have done my registration part in your CDMM course.My question is that after completing this course.Can I get a job in Digital Marketing or affiliate marketer ?? My graduation area will create any problem to get a job.??

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Biplab: Glad to know that you’ve started this journey with us. Your graduation area (i.e. BBA) is very well aligned with digital marketing industry. To become an affiliate marketer or for a great career in digital marketing, ensure that you are doing EVERY hands-on assignment/project as part of CDMM Program.

      For any further support, please speak to your Delivery Co-ordinator.

      Hope this helps.

  37. Avatar of risha borkakoty
    Risha Borkakoty

    Sir ,I liked the way you commented and thrased people who tried to defame the course. I was bit confuse after reading some comments on certains websites but the way you reacted was nice. And this video makes me feel that it would the best option for me to join Digital Vidya as I have passed Mcom in Marketing and Management.

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Thank you Risha for your kind words. Looking forward to contributing to your success in learning & leveraging Digital Marketing for your Career Growth!

  38. Great things and great presentation, all my basic doubts regarding Digital Marketing have been cleared in this session, and i feel i should go in depth in DM concept and planning to join by June.

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Shashira: Glad that you found the session useful. All the best for your journey ahead!

  39. Good morning sir,

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Jameer: Considering your background, I would not recommend trying to position yourself as a digital marketer as you would be treated as a fresher. Instead,​ ​you​ ​should​ ​look​ ​at​ ​following​ ​benefits​ ​of​ ​learning​ ​digital​ ​marketing:

      a. Build​ ​personal​ ​brand​ ​using​ ​digital​ ​marketing
      b. Make​ ​money​ ​through​ ​freelancing​ ​or​ ​by​ ​becoming​ ​an​ ​affiliate​ ​marketer
      c. Realize​ ​your​ ​entrepreneurial​ ​dream​ ​if​ ​you​ ​aspire​ ​to​ ​be​ ​an​ ​entrepreneur
      d. Also,​ ​explore​ ​the​ ​possibility​ ​of​ ​playing​ ​a​ ​role​ ​in​ ​marketing​ ​function​ ​of​ ​your organization​ ​to​ ​expand​ ​your​ ​profile

      Hope this helps!

  40. Avatar of rajshree bajpai
    Rajshree Bajpai

    hello sir,
    I am currently working as a teacher…i Wish to change my field ..will this course be useful for me???? i was planning to join CDMM course.

  41. Avatar of jasleen kaur
    Jasleen Kaur

    As suggested by Pradeep previously to a teacher: considering your background, it is not recommended trying to position yourself as a digital marketer as you be will be considered as a fresher in this industry. Instead,​ ​you​ ​should​ ​look​ ​at​ ​following​ ​benefits​ ​of​ ​learning​ ​digital​ ​marketing:

    a. Build​ ​personal​ ​brand​ ​using​ ​digital​ ​marketing
    b. Make​ ​money​ ​through​ ​freelancing​ ​or​ ​by​ ​becoming​ ​an​ ​affiliate​ ​marketer
    c. Realize​ ​your​ ​entrepreneurial​ ​dream​ ​if​ ​you​ ​aspire​ ​to​ ​be​ ​an​ ​entrepreneur
    d. Also,​ ​explore​ ​the​ ​possibility​ ​of​ ​playing​ ​a​ ​role​ ​in​ ​marketing​ ​function​ ​of​ ​your organization​ ​to​ ​expand​ ​your​ ​profile.

    Hope this helps.

  42. hello sir,
    i am 29 years old.did my b.tech(cse) in 2011
    after that worked in a MNC for 2.6 years till jan 2015 in material control department.
    now its approxx 3.6 years career gap.in between i was working in my family business.
    can i get a job now after completing this course???

    1. Sonu: Glad to know your interest in digital marketing. Considering your educational background and your previous work experience, I would suggest that you should for MarTech (e.g. Marketing Automation) kinds of profiles in which you can leverage your Technology Experience and to-be-acquired digital marketing skills.

      Leveraging Technology with Marketing (i.e. Martech or Marketing Automation) is a great opportunity.

      Few resources I recommend:

  43. Hi,
    I have done B.A in psychology on 2017. Am I eligible for digital marketing field?. I have worked in bps industry for 6months. I want to change my career.

  44. Hi Pradeep,

    I have 17 years of Experience in Content Distribution/Syndication industry working with major Broadcasters in the India/International Markets, generating revenues for TV channels across Cable/DTH/IPTV/Mobile Platforms.

    I now work for a leading Digital Publisher, where I handle content alliances and partnerships. Most of the partnerships are now happening across Digital Publishers, OTT platforms and Telecom Operators.

    I was wanting to do a basic level course to stay relevant in my current profile and also to make the switch to a similar OTT platform.

    I was looking at the modules and these are really indepth and relevant for people into hardcore Marketing. In My current role or with my experience , I would never drive a SEO or a marketing campaign.

    What course will you recommend to me

    Greatly appreciate your revert

    1. Avatar of pradeep chopra
      Pradeep Chopra

      Ashutosh: Considering your profile and future prospects in media industry, you should get yourself reasonably versed with various aspects of digital marketing. You may not do all assignments but getting your hands dirty to some extent would ensure that you have not just acquired theoretical gyan (which would escape your memory eventually).

      Ideally, a lighter version of CDMM would have been great but doing the CDMM in its current form is not bad at all.

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